AL Dahana FZCO brings excellence to region’s Automotive Industry

AL Dahana FZCO brings excellence to region’s Automotive Industry

February 2022, Dubai: Celebrating 14 years of operating in two key business segments namely automotive distribution and retail, Al Dahana is looking into expanding within the GCC and North African automotive market announced today.

Al Dahana, an automotive retail and distribution platform for vehicles and spare parts in the MENA region (directly and through partnerships) has announced that it is looking towards additional automotive opportunities that markets such as the United Arab Emirates and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have to offer.  Al Dahana along with its subsidiaries employs technical, administrative, and highly skilled executives to cater for the continuous growth across all levels of the company and to bring highly added value products to the vibrant and evolving GCC and North African markets.

When asked about the company’s success, Mr. Nasser Watar – President & CEO of Al Dahana said, “our platform provides up-to-date capabilities using international trends and developments in the automotive space and  is able to offer products and services that meet our customers’ demands. Our plan on expanding within GCC and North African markets has been a strategic objective for a long time delayed with recent events of COVID and market fluctuation. We believe that now is the perfect time to cater to the ever-growing demand for automobile vehicles and parts in countries like the UAE and Saudi Arabia.  The customer is priority number one and every step we take is an effort to preempt and meet their needs.”

The company is committed to achieving a high level of customer experience in the journey of owning or leasing a car using our digital and VR platform using latest technology that provides the end user customer a unique experience when shopping for a car “said Watar”. Such state-of-the-art retail experience is unique and exclusive to our platform but also is one of many products that will be introduced in the markets.  Our objective to launch in these vibrant markets and in specific UAE and other growth MENA markets.

About Al Dahana FZCO

Al Dahana is an automotive retailer and distributor of vehicles and spare parts and through joint ventures serving the continuous demand in the MENA region. The company has two key business segments: Distribution and Retail. Distribution consists of vertically integrated import, distribution and retail. The company is backed regionally by a strong central support structure in the areas of finance and accounting, MIS, IT and HR.

The company’s vision is to expand into multiple regional markets to achieve an ideal distribution model and set industry benchmarks in the region’s automotive sales and after sales service market, while keeping abreast of international trends and developments and maintaining at all times the interest of its:

1. Customers

2. Business Partners

3. Shareholders

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