Union Coop provides Smart Devices to Avoid Price Mistakes

Union Coop provides Smart Devices to Avoid Price Mistakes

Union Coop offers more than 80 smart devices to scan prices in all its branches and Commercial Centers to prevent mistakes

Dubai, UAE:

Mr. Ayoub Mohammed, Operations Manager, Union Coop emphasized that the Cooperative is committed to enhancing the shopping experience of its customers and shoppers in all its outlets by meeting their increasing demands and happiness expectations through cutting edge technologies that it deploys in its operations and the expansion of its services to gain the confidence of shoppers. Pointing out that Cooperative is continuing to modernize the process of ‘Sales & Purchase’ provided to consumers with the latest updates in the retail trade science.

He also indicated that the Cooperative is committed to protecting consumers and enhancing channels of communication with them through its various channels. It has made great strides during the past years to provide everything new to consumers, such as providing more than 80 modern and effective price scanners to read the prices of products before consumers in all its 23 branches and four shopping malls in the Emirate of Dubai purchase them.

He pointed out that Cooperative is keen to provide consumers with an appropriate and distinctive shopping experience, as it has implemented latest technologies that prevent mistakes in the ‘pricing’ of goods, as it is the first priority for the shopper in any store or outlet. On a daily basis, the trained Cooperative employees in all the outlets use smart devices to conduct product surveys, verify that the prices of products in the ongoing or ended offers are up to date and cross-checked with the prices at the billing counter to avoid mistakes through price scanning devices. Noting that the Cooperative offers competitive prices for products to please the consumers.

He explained that error in price is possible due to multiple factors. For example, a shopper unintentionally can misplace a product in different shelf, which may lead to a mistake. Alternatively, place a product of particular brand on a different brand shelf, which might be picked up by another customer who got confused with the brand and might face pricing issues while billing. On the other hand, if the customer removes the barcode sticker from one product and sticks it to other product, which causes a problem. but these errors were avoided by Union Coop by providing price scanning devices to all employees in the showroom, where they are constantly checking prices during the working hours of the that particular branch and matching them with the barcode on the shelf for the same item and rearrange them instantly to prevent errors.

He stressed that Union Coop has launched many initiatives to delight consumers who encounter issues while shopping and one of them is the Consumer Happiness center, who have trained professionals seeking to assist all consumers and solve any issue might face them.

He explained that the consumer today has high experience when it comes to shopping and product prices, moreover his awareness of marketing operations is also increasing gradually due to the developments taking place in the retail sector, along with the continuous updates in the ‘Sales & Purchase’ processes, especially introduction of ‘smart’ technologies, including the Union Coop Smart Online Store, which includes the promotional offers that are specifically designed to satisfy and meet the needs of the valued consumers.

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