The Fashion & Beauty World Icon -Rita Kazazian

Rita Kazazian, a fashion designer and creative in the world of beauty and fashion.

Rita Kazazian, of Armenian-Syrian origin, has established herself in the world of fashion, beauty, and fashion through her dedication and hard work, becoming a well-known name in this field. Her love for the world of fashion began at the age of seven when she enjoyed drawing dresses. At the age of 18, she started designing dresses for her friends, which received admiration.

She then embarked on developing herself in the world of fashion through learning, following trends, and taking courses to refine her talent. Today, Rita designs and creates the most beautiful dresses with unique and distinctive designs. She aspires to further evolve in the fashion industry, establish her own fashion label, and organize a grand haute couture fashion show.

In the world of beauty and makeup, Rita took her first step during the COVID period, where she started filming videos demonstrating makeup techniques and sharing them on her Instagram page. These videos received positive feedback from her followers, who requested more about different makeup techniques and tips for creating the right makeup for each occasion. She honed her talent by taking a course at Samira Olfat Academy in collaboration with Max Factor, earning an international makeup expert certificate. She also obtained a similar certificate from Dar Al Ber University in Dubai. Following that, she studied eyelash specialization at a renowned academy in Armenia, earning certified qualifications in the field. She then launched her own eyelash brand, “Rita Beauty,” at a grand event held at Jivara, the tallest hotel in the world.

In parallel with fashion and beauty, Rita has also excelled in the field of social media. She presented beautiful videos and various coverages in the “lifestyle” world, covering fashion, beauty, and restaurants, which were well-received by her followers. She was contracted by several well-known brands to be their ambassador and spokesperson. She also covered many humanitarian and charitable events without any financial compensation, especially those related to people with disabilities.

Rita has received several awards and certificates for her participation and coverage of important events in the United Arab Emirates. These include being chosen as the best social influencer, winning the title of Winter Queen, and being recognized as one of the top 100 influencers in the UAE, among others.

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