Myriad Consulting LLC can help redesign and restructure your Organizations workflow with GENERATIVE AI-CHATGPT

Myriad Consulting LLC can help redesign and restructure your organizations’ workflow and update protocols to adapt generative AI technologies like ChatGPT more efficiently!

Dr.Sahar Hashmi stresses on the need to redesign and restructure the work environment’s protocols in business organizations as we enter an era where your executive assistant and/or part of your workforce could be an efficient and intelligent chatbot.

With both small and big business organizations adapting fast to generative AI chatbots like chatGPT for the ease/convenience of work and for a potentially more efficient and productive work eneviornment– here are some thoughts on both the pros and cons of using generative AI for business establishments.

2023 Is the Era of Generative AI Like ChatGPT. So What’s in it for Entrepreneurs?

Dr.Sahar Hashmi is an MD-PhD, an expert in generative AI applications for business organizations. She is the CEO of Myraid Consulting LLC and the Titan Gold Business Award winner for creative business.

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