House of Wisdom welcomes youth to a summer of creativity and endless fun!

House of Wisdom welcomes youth to a summer of creativity and endless fun!

Futuristic social and cultural hub’s Youth Summer Camp runs until August 27

Sharjah, August 05, 2022

The House of Wisdom (HoW) has launched the Youth Summer Camp yesterday with 16 activities designed to provide participants with a distinctive educational experience during the summer break in August.

Running until August 27, the Youth Summer Camp features diverse sets of workshops and activities divided between five sub-camps. Participants will delve into the world of creativity, arts and crafts, technology, and photography, while also equipping themselves with the knowledge on how to ensure their wellbeing.

Arts and Crafts Camp

Targeting children aged 15 and above, the camp consists of four unique sessions from August 4 – 7. On the first day, participants used resin and other materials including wood, crushed stones, paper, flowers, and sand, to create unique 3D projects in the Resin Art with Flowers workshop.

The Jesmonite Terrazzo Workshop on August 5 is an exploration of the techniques of creating coasters, trays, and more, while on August 6, participants will learn the skills of making vases and mini planters in the Concrete Cement Art Making workshop.

At the Boho Style Art Painting on Tote Bags workshop on August 7, participants will be engaged in creating fashionable bags in Boho-style painting.

Photography Camp

The Photography Camp for children aged 12 and older opens with the ‘Create a Viral Tiktok/Reel Video’ session on August 11, followed by a ‘Portrait Photography’ session the next day. On August 13, participants will learn the art of ‘Capturing Beautiful Sunsets’ and conclude the camp with insights into becoming proficient in ‘E-commerce/Products Photography’.

Creativity Camp

Designed for the age group 12-16, the Creativity Camp will kick off on August 18 with the Video Lab, which is all about the moviemaking experience. The following day, participants will have the opportunity to explore the fundamentals of photographic techniques in the Photo Lab.

On August 20, participants will hone skills in sketching and making expressive word art, infographics, portraits, logos, and motion graphics in the Art Lab, while at the Animations Lab the following day, participants will learn different kinds of animation techniques using Keynote.

Tech Summer Camp

In the Tech Summer Camp, participants aged 12 and older will learnautomation programming using the Arduino programming board in three consecutive sessions between August 22-24.

The Wellness Camp

The Youth Summer Camp concludes with the Wellness Camp, which includes three activities targeting youth 17 and older between August 25-27. The activities include the Emotional Release workshop, the Conscious Relationships workshop, and the Word to Art – Painting Therapy workshop.

Commenting on the launch of the Youth Summer Camp,‏Amira Bin Faris,Programs Manager at House of Wisdom, said: “In line with our vision to provide a nurturing space for fostering cross-cultural dialogues and exchange of knowledge in varied disciplines, the Youth Summer Camp was developed to utilise youth’s free time in edutainment activities that are focused on developing and honing their skills and abilities.”

She added: “Summer camps provide unique learning opportunities for all youth and provide a safe environment to develop new skills and expand their knowledge and capacities to further shape their futures. The House of Wisdom’s summer camp activities have been carefully designed to nurture a new generation capable of creating, innovating, and building a bright future for themselves.”

To register for the Youth Summer Camp or for further information, please log on to: or on HoW’s Instagram @sharjahhow


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