Al Zahra Hospital Dubai Welcomes Over 700 Pediatric Medical Professionals ….

Al Zahra Hospital Dubai Welcomes Over 700 Pediatric Medical Professionals for the First Dubai Pediatric Symposium  

  • Over 700 medical professionals gathered for the First Dubai Pediatric Symposium, held at luxury hotel, organized by Al Zahra Hospital Dubai. 
  • 24 Dubai Based leading doctors presented 30 pediatric related medical topics over a two-day event, elevating pediatric care in the region.  

Dubai’s First Pediatric Symposium organized by Al Zahra Hospital Dubai, gathers over 700 Medical Professionals from Pediatric Related Fields to share experiences, enhance knowledge and educate one another on the latest innovative pediatric techniques, procedures and more. 

The symposium was led by distinguished Pediatrician, Dr. Amr Elzawahry, Head of Pediatrics at Al Zahra Hospital Dubai. Expert pediatricians from all over Dubai took part in presenting some of the latest pediatric advances through interdisciplinary evidence and case-based strategies. The Pediatric Symposium brought together over 25 pediatricians from 7 leading healthcare providers, to present more than 30 interesting topics in Pediatrics including Cardiology, Allergies & Pulmonology, Pediatric Surgery, Genetics, Neonatology, Critical Care, Nephrology & Endocrinology, Gastroenterology, Pediatric Orthopedic Surgery and more. 

“Medical Professionals in all fields need to regularly update their medical skills through continuous education in order to provide the best level of care to their patients. We are proud to have been able to support over 600 doctors from pediatric related fields to enhance their knowledge. At Al Zahra Hospital Dubai we see over 4000 pediatric patients every month, with the number consistently on the rise. We pride ourselves in staying abreast of medical developments and sharing those with the medical community in the UAE and across the region ”Dr. Amr Elzawahry, Head of Pediatrics at Al Zahra Hospital Dubai 

According to the latest statistics, in 2019, Dubai has become the birth-place of over 30,000 babies over 12 months. This is a high birthing rate given the female population compared to other western countries, amplifying the importance of pediatric care in Dubai. 

The continuous increase in child population in the region places high importance on providing not just general but also highly sub-specialized pediatric services, aligning with Dubai’s vision of building a healthier and happier community for generations to come. 

“Pediatric surgery is a service that is not widely available and for which we have seen rising need in the UAE. In the past, parents would travel abroad to receive surgical care for their children. Currently, we see patients coming from across the region to Dubai, seeking pediatric surgical care, for not just common but also rare and complex procedures”Dr. FadiIskandarani, Consultant Pediatric Surgeon at Al Zahra Hospital Dubai. 

Dr. Zaid Al-Aubaidi, Consultant Orthopedic and Spine Surgeon for children has carried out over 1,200 scoliosis surgeries in his career, offering not just advanced complex surgical solutions but also pioneering several surgical advancements for children suffering of scoliosis and other congenital orthopedic malformations.  

“Pediatric Orthopedic Surgery is an area that is rare and highly specialized. There are numerous effective procedures that are performed in the UAE that are not commonly carried out worldwide, leading to amazing outcomes in improving the quality of life of our patients. As practitioners, it is important that we are aware of the latest innovations to provide the best practices in pediatric healthcare. We are proud to have been able to do this with over 600 medical professionals over the last 2 days.”Dr. Zaid Al-Aubaidi, Consultant Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon. 

The Dubai Pediatric Symposium is due to take place every year and furthermore expand its borders across the Middle East continuing to enhance and elevate medical knowledge in the pediatric field.  


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