People danced their way into 2022 with Guru Randhawa

People danced their way into 2022 with Guru Randhawa

RAS AL KHAIMAH: As the world bid adieu to 2021, people headed down to Ras Al Khaimah for a party that went well into the night with Guru Randhawa, food, dancing and a dazzling display of fireworks. The evening began with light music, as people went around capturing special moments at the various unique photo booths. Soon after, the DJ kickstarted the New Year party of 2021 with several powerful numbers that brought the crowd down to the dancing floor.

Brought to the world by Truckers UAE and Coreme in association with The Brew, Zee Group, Gulf News, people from near and far came to join in the festivities. The audience also indulged in a variety of food options ranging from momos all the way to pasta as they rang in the New Year.

Once, the soulful Guru Randhawa took to the stage, the crowd’s energy level went out of the world as they danced as well as sang with him. Randhawa, even jumped off stage to interact with the crowd directly. 

As the clock struck 12, the audience headed towards the creek to see the fantastic fireworks display. It was a record-breaking show that will go down in the Guinness Book of World Records under the title for the ‘Highest Altitude Multirotor/Drone Fireworks Display.’

Vishal Mahajan chief organizer of the event said “It has been a successful event that was held under all of the COVID protocols advised by the Federal Government. Our volunteers, staff, security did a wonderful job with the entire event. For me, the most exciting part was seeing the crowd enjoying themselves with Guru Randhawa who did a fantastic job with his performance. The fireworks were so spectacular we are all quite excited to have started 2022 in this spectacular fashion, we would like to wish a very Happy New Year to you all.”

Sahar Riaz, a Pakistani resident of Dubai said, “I saw an ad about the concert on social media and had to see Guru Randhawa live in concert. It was such a memorable experience, seeing him up close singing was something else. The fireworks display left us all in awe. It was organized so well with so many dining options my family and friends enjoyed it all. I am glad I welcomed 2022 with my crew at the event and I can’t wait to see what the year has in store for us all.”

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