Dr. Sahar Hashmi’s Intelligent Health World Summit – IH2022 – speaker interview

Dr. Sahar Hashmi, CEO of Myriad Consulting LLC, was a speaker at the world’s leading Artificial intelligence (AI) conference, Intelligent Health 2022 (IH2022 world summit)

Her topic was about the role of big tech giants in revolutionizing the healthcare delivery in the future. Her talk was amazing and the audience received a unique perspective on the recent Telehealth platform acquisitions by the big tech giants in the healthcare industry. Dr. Hashmi is an MD with a PhD from the MIT’s famous Business School and IDSS programs with a masters in Systems Design and Management. She is also the recipient of the Titan Business Awards winner 2022 for her creative consulting business.

Dr. Hashmi expressed her thoughts and discussed winning strategy ideas for the big tech giants also found in her recent article in the healthcare business today.

Link: https://www.healthcarebusinesstoday.com/which-big-tech-giant-will-win-the-race-to-revolutionize-healthcare-delivery-amazons-potential-to-lead/

We asked Dr. Hashmi to provide us a brief summary of her talk at the Intelligent Health 2022 world summit this year and her experience to speak at the conference

“My talk focused on and discussed the role of big tech giants in reshaping and reimagining the healthcare for the future. I started off by explaining what an innovative and ideal healthcare ecosystem would entail and the features in it. Next I specifically discussed the recent acquisitions by big tech giants and big healthcare market players like Amazon, Apple, Google, Microsoft, CVS, and Walmart and how would these acquisitions could help the customers and provider in the care delivery process. We have all these big and small healthcare players racing to capture the healthcare consumer market. I believe these big tech giants have the most resources and thus the potential to make a change happen in the healthcare system. I specifically talked about Amazon’s potential to establish a healthcare ecosystem

I also defined and discussed what ‘consumer data analytics’ for big tech giants actually mean in this endeavorer for establishing smart healthcare system and for these acquisitions. The importance of identifying potential patient data collection bias from the beginning while establishing a smart healthcare ecosystem. Finally, I discussed the importance of data regulation and data security/privacy by the healthcare regulators to ensure patient privacy is not compromised.” Dr. Hashmi explained.  

Dr. Sahar Hashmi concluded by saying: “I believe Andy Jassy made a bold and smart decision to acquire One Medical and if this deal goes through then Amazon will be entering the patient data space, through a third party vendor, for the first time. I am not surprised as Jeff Bezos established this culture at Amazon where risk taking with resilience strategy has made Amazon so successful so far.  However, only time will tell if Amazon can truly overcome the hurdles of satisfying the healthcare regulators by creating and establishing the most secure and safe (AWS) data center.”

Dr. Hashmi’s take on her experience about the conference:

“Intelligent Health brings together some of the best in the world of AI and healthcare systems. In addition, there are many interesting themes and topics related to AI in healthcare which are all topics of interest to me and a lot of my colleagues. I was delighted to share my thoughts and insights about the future of healthcare in my speech. I believe Intelligent Health (IH) is a great platform to hear and share ideas amongst similar thought leadership and have discussions with colleagues about their experience with AI applications in healthcare. AI in healthcare is the new frontier with endless possibilities.”

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