Go bold with MC2 Saint Barth’s Pantone Collection for men

Go bold with MC2 Saint Barth’s Pantone Collection for men

The must-have Pantone Collection will be available at Hamac in January 2022.

Dubai, UAE, January 2022 – Looking to spice up your beach fits? Stepping into 2022, embrace bold colors that fit every mood with MC2 Saint Barth’s latest swimwear collection for men!

MC2 Saint Barth, the worldwide apparel, swimwear and accessories brand is unveiling their Pantone collection for men at Hamac beach boutique. A direct reflection of modern design, Pantone colours are colour codes that stand for a specific shade. Used by designers in fashion, graphic and product design, these colours are a way to express ideas and emotions and is a critical form of communication making Pantone the true language of colours.

Bringing a luxurious flair to beach visits and outdoor pool parties, MC2’s Pantone Collection for men is one that compasses bold colours and promises to elevate your sense of style. The stellar collection will include a range of swim shorts in Pantone colours and is sure to have you swim ready while being a wardrobe staple all year round.

In addition, MC2 has a broad swimwear collection that features a range of vivid hues and playful prints where you can flaunt your fine taste in fashion. With inspiration from the gorgeous Caribbean Sea colours, MC2 is a nod to the St. Barth Island and ensures you hit the beach in style.

Hamac beach boutique is thrilled to have MC2 Saint Barth join their family of brands and is looking forward to sharing the excitement for the new Pantone collection. Shop the latest Pantone Collection at Hamac this January 2022.



Hamac is the pioneer and leading retailer of premium beachwear and accessories in the UAE, established in Dubai in 1999. We offer unique and various collections of swim wear for men, women, boys and girls, resort wears like kaftan, skirt, dress, jumpsuit, shorts/Bermudas, polo, Flip flop footwear for men, women and children, beautiful accessories such as trendy sunglasses, bags and pouches. Hamac is proudly spreading the beachwear culture across the region by consistently showcasing premium beachwear brands.

For more information: www.hamacdubai.com

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