Yango Deli Tech to showcase tech moulding future of E-grocery and retail at Seamless Middle East 2023

Yango Deli Tech to showcase tech moulding future of E-grocery and retail at Seamless Middle East 2023

Dubai, UAE, 18 May 2023Yango Deli Tech, a global tech company that provides proprietary technologies and expertise for retailers and e-grocery companies, has announced its participation at Seamless Middle East 2023. This will be an opportunity for retailers and e-grocery companies to gain insights and discuss the latest technologies and innovations that are transforming the retail landscape in the region.

At the event, Yango Deli Tech will present a demo of its software in action, showcasing a small version of a warehouse with a comprehensive order flow that demonstrates their user-friendly client app, last-mile solution as a courier app with batching and surge management, as well as an easy-to-use picker app to scan products. The company will also present its warehouse management system (WMS), which enables retailers to track their orders in real time, providing them with a clear and accurate understanding of their order’s status, as well as the whole inventory system.

Determined to make an impact in the region, Yango Deli Tech, has recently partnered with Nana, the leading online grocery and commodities delivery platform in Saudi Arabia. According to the company’s estimates, the UAE’s e-grocery market compared to mature markets has an estimated $2.8 billion in untapped potential, while in KSA this number is estimated as $8.2 billion. In addition, customers are placing a growing emphasis on consistent product availability and an improved customer experience, and are willing to switch to competitors if they don’t receive it. This creates a valuable opportunity for retailers to make the transition from traditional brick-and-mortar operations to online businesses, as well as enhance exciting online operations.

In order to offer a smooth shopping experience across all channels, including in-store, online, and mobile, Yango Deli Tech’s tech stack includes a suite of omnichannel solutions. The business’ cutting-edge technology platform includes strong tools for data analytics and customer engagement, enabling retailers to deliver personalized experiences while aiding businesses in achieving almost 99.9% stock accuracy, lowering write-offs and unnecessary mileage, enhancing customer experience, and improving unit economics. The company estimates that adopting this solution will enable enterprises to lower error rates by 15% and cancellation rates by 35%, both of which will increase revenue for the company.

Participants will have the opportunity to witness the software’s ability to streamline the order flow process, from the moment an order is placed by a customer until it is delivered. Additionally, the presentation will show the software’s capability to assist retailers in optimizing their inventory and ensuring they always have the necessary products in stock.

Max Avtukhov, CEO and Co-founder of Yango Deli Tech said: “At Yango Deli Tech, we understand the importance of delivering goods on-time and in-full while raising profitability and overall efficiency for our clients. Our solutions have enabled many companies to achieve this goal, and we are excited to share our expertise with the participants of this conference. That is why we are excited to exhibit at Seamless Middle East this year. This premier event provides a platform for e-commerce solutions providers to network with industry leaders, experts, and peers, learn about the latest trends and developments in the industry, and offer our expertise and cutting-edge technology solutions to companies eager to embrace online business models.

Attendees of the event can expect to gain a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by e-grocery businesses and how technology can help overcome these obstacles. Yango Deli Tech’s software is engineered to address major pain points, such as order management, inventory control, and last-mile delivery. The company’s advanced tech allows them to offer solutions that are efficient and can be customized to the specific needs of their clients.

Seamless Middle East 2023 will take place on May 23rd and 24th, 2023, at the Dubai World Trade Centre. To see Yango Deli Tech’s demo, attendees can visit  Booth R72 (Home Delivery zone).

About Yango Deli Tech

Yango Deli Tech is a global tech company that provides proprietary technologies and expertise for retailers and e-grocery. The company offers a universal set of tools that help traditional retailers transition from brick-and-mortar business models to online trade, enabling these companies to deliver goods on time and in full, and in turn, raise profitability and overall efficiency. The tech stack includes various solutions for the fulfilment and delivery processes, commerce, client experience and analytics and has been proven earlier at a scale of large rapid grocery delivery business with over 500 dark stores. The team has global expertise in building profitable and scalable online delivery systems from any partner’s premise (e.g. existing store, store in store aka ‘grey store’, dedicated dark store).

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