Abu Dhabi Customs inaugurates the Innovation Week

Abu Dhabi Customs inaugurates the Innovation Week activities under the slogan “Innovative Customs for a Sustainable Future”

Abu Dhabi Customs: February 2023

The General Administration of Abu Dhabi Customs inaugurated the activities of the Innovation Week under the slogan “Innovative Customs for a Sustainable Future”, on the occasion of the month of innovation, “The UAE Innovates 2023”, During a ceremony organized by Abu Dhabi Customs in the Mohamed bin Zayed University for Artificial Intelligence, in the presence of Mr. Fahd Gharib Al Shamsi, Executive Director of the Support Services Sector, Chairman of the Innovation and Future Foresight Council, and a number of directors of customs departments and centers and management employees.

During the inauguration ceremony of the Innovation Week, Abu Dhabi Customs reviewed the outputs of the innovative efforts in previous years, as the administration succeeded, through the smart institutional innovation platform “Ibtikar”, which it launched in 2020, in attracting more than 3 thousand ideas submitted by employees, and transforming 8 ideas into projects that serve Customs work system.

The administration also reviewed the institutional innovation system and future plans to enable innovation in customs work, in order to enhance its leadership position in applying the best global practices, in order to achieve its vision of being a leading customs authority in the world leading change in an effort to enhance security, facilitate trade and provide distinguished services.

During the Innovation Week, from 20 to 24 February, Abu Dhabi Customs is organizing a series of events, programs, visits and workshops with the aim of highlighting the latest technologies and innovations in the customs sector to raise the efficiency of the work system and qualifying human cadres to provide quality services of value that enhance the happiness of customers and contribute to consecrating the name of the UAE to become the most innovative country in the world.

Mr. Fahd Gharib Al Shamsi focused during the opening ceremony on that Abu Dhabi Customs attaches great importance to innovation in developing the customs work system in line with the strategic transformation journey, and contributes to consolidating its position on the global arena, as it developed a comprehensive strategic plan for innovation, during which it achieved qualitative achievements, awards and international certificates by applying international best practices in the field of digital transformation and harnessing advanced technology based on artificial intelligence to develop the efficiency of the customs system.

At the end of the inauguration ceremony, the Executive Director of the Support Services Sector honored the innovative employees whose innovations and ideas had a positive impact on developing the work system, raising the efficiency of services provided to customers, and improving the innovative customs environment.

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