One of the biggest challenges of keeping fit and healthy is how to stay motivated and not stray from the path towards those all too common bad habits.

But by incorporating a few simple tweaks and adjustments to daily routines, exercising and eating well can quickly become as easy as brushing your teeth or making that first cup of coffee in the morning.

Exercising with friends

It sounds obvious, but creating a level of competition is a great way to stay tuned in to the goals we put in front of us.  By engaging a friend or colleague with a like-minded goal of improving health and well-being can be a great way to help stay on track. 

There will be days when you may not feel like working out, but a partner who is up for the challenge and brimming with energy can be enough to drag you along too.  That vitality can be reversed on another day when you may be bursting with enthusiasm, while your training buddy is lacking similar motivation.

You need each other, and you can help pull one another through to achieve a consistent exercise routine.

Setting goals, and changing up

Getting stuck in a rut is usually a sure-fire way to see any well-intentioned fitness regime hit the buffers. Variety is the spice of life and that is certainly the case when it comes to exercise.

By alternating the kind of fitness you are doing, from gym sessions, to exercise classes and sport – as well as getting outdoors to walk, run, cycle or swim you can stay fresh and motivated throughout the year, and not just during Dubai Fitness Challenge in October.

Pushing yourself to reach a performance personal best or to lose a certain amount of weight can be a great way to stay motivated, while pushing yourself to beat friends, colleagues or family members towards a common goal is another useful motivational tool.

Packing a sports bag

One of the easiest solutions to help motivate you after a tough workout is to immediately prepare for the next one.  Getting out of the door to go for that run when you’re tired, or hitting the gym after a long day at work can be the biggest challenge in maintaining an effective exercise routine.

By unpacking your gym bag as soon as you get home after a workout and repacking it with a fresh kit, emptying and refilling a water bottle and putting the bag by the front door can be great motivation to ensure you are ready for the next challenge.

Making life as easy as possible to ensure you don’t miss a session, particularly when Dubai Fitness Challenge calls for 30 days of consecutive exercise, can be the prompt needed to complete that next exercise set.

Rewards for hitting a target

The old adage of no pain – no gain has never been truer than when setting yourself an exercise programme that stands the test of time.  Planning ahead not only creates good habits that quickly become a part of everyday life, but they also give something to aim for.

Whether training for a specific event later in the year, or challenging yourself to become a fitter version of you, the goals we set ourselves can be wide ranging, but equally rewarding.

While some may want to hit a target of walking for 30 minutes for 30 days straight, someone else may push themselves to record a personal best in a 10km run or even a marathon.  Others may try to master a new sport like golf or Padel tennis that will continue to get them out exercising in the future.

We are all different and whatever exercise works for you, make sure you have something to aim for and don’t be afraid to offer yourself a reward for all that sweat and tears.

Swapping snacks for healthier alternatives

Sometimes it can be all too easy to reach for that can of sugary drink or a chocolate bar after an intense fitness session under the belief that it has been well-earned.

While that may be the case and works well as an occasional treat, by switching from fizzy soft drinks to flavoured sparkling water, or a handful of dried fruits or nuts over a bag of chocolate treats, you are satisfying that craving for a short, sharp food boost while keeping unnecessary sugar levels to a minimum.

Too much sugar is the enemy of a healthy lifestyle, as it produces extra insulin in the blood that leads to clogged arteries and pressure on our hearts and vital organs.

Switching up from artificially sweetened treats to more natural alternatives can be a life-saver in the long run.

Get a personal trainer; no one pushes you harder

Finally, if all else has failed and you and your training buddies are running out of steam, why not share the costs of a personal trainer to put you through your paces?

We all try to convince ourselves we are pushing our limits when working out, but with someone there to motivate and guide you – there really is nowhere to hide.  It can be tough and each session can feel like a huge challenge, but the gains achieved through personal training with an expert touch can be hard to match.  It will also ensure you are using correct technique in the gym to help avoid injury, as well as squeezing out that extra repetition or shaving seconds off a personal best on the bike or rower.

And remember, exercise gets easier the fitter you become, that in itself can be motivation enough to keep going.


About Dubai Fitness Challenge

The Dubai Fitness Challenge (DFC) is an initiative of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Dubai Crown Prince and Chairman of The Executive Council of Dubai. The Challenge was created to support His Highness’ vision of making Dubai one of the most active cities in the world. Now in its sixth edition – with more opportunities than ever to get involved – DFC brings friends, families, colleagues and communities together to improve their health and wellbeing with 30 days of fun and fitness. Featuring a packed calendar of activities and events across the city including Dubai Run and Dubai Ride, this year’s Challenge runs from Saturday 29 October through to Sunday 27 November 2022.

For further information, please contact:
Dubai’s Department of Economy and Tourism
[+971] 600 55 5559

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