CWallet Partners with M2P to Launch Pre-paid and Multicurrency Cards in Qatar

CWallet Partners with M2P to Launch Pre-paid and Multicurrency Cards in Qatar

Aims to provide Fintech intelligence and financial inclusion to the unserved demographics in the region

Doha, Qatar, 5th October 2022

CWallet, an award-winning Qatar-based payment processing fintech startup, has partnered with M2P Fintech, Asia’s largest API infrastructure company, to enable prepaid and multi-currency cards in Qatar. This partnership is aimed at promoting financial technology intelligence, financial inclusion, and services not only to the unbanked majority but also to Qatar residents, citizens, and businesses.

Founded in 2019, CWallet began operations with digital wallets and prepaid cards to simplify the process of sending and receiving money within Qatar. Via the app, the user can receive salaries on time, conduct online, offline and mobility transactions, pay bills, buy groceries from local and international stores, and ultimately send money home, anytime, anywhere within a single app.

More than 25 million foreign workers are employed across the six Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) nations namely Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, and the United Arab Emirates. Approximately 10 million people work in the construction industry and the remaining are employed in domestic service, retail, and other sectors. In Qatar, there are more than one million foreign workers. Owing to better economic opportunities than in their home nations, such employment opportunities enable migrants to support their families financially. Two-thirds of the remittances from the region are to South Asia which amounts to over $150 billion every year.

“The association will not only broaden CWallet’s product offerings but also revolutionize the financial industry by enabling individuals in the region to transfer money across the globe digitally and seamlessly from the comfort of their homes as opposed to carrying cash to a service provider’s outlet. This aligns with our objective of digitally empowering, enabling, and educating low-income and unbanked migrant workers, domestic assistants, and blue-collar workers in the region. We are really thrilled to debut CWallet in Qatar, and because the GCC countries have regulatory and demographic similarities, we will soon look to extend to other partner countries as well,” said Michael Javier and CEO and Founder of CWallet.

“Another major achievement and this time with M2P”, commented Dr. Abdulmohsin Abdulla Alyafei COO & Co-Founder of Cwallet. “With our strategic partnership with M2P, our users will be able to enjoy using their virtual prepaid card issued by Cwallet. We really value this partnership which will facilitate our goal to include everyone in our ecosystem without leaving anyone behind. With our virtual prepaid card, everyone will be able to own his own regardless having a bank account or not.”

“I hope that this partnership will let us grow along with M2P and we are able to accomplish more and more. As a Fintech startup, we are offering unique solutions in order to drive Qatar’s economic diversification, one of the four pillars of Qatar’s National Vision 2030. It will be one of the best advanced innovative solutions which will enable our customers to experience our new concept. It will be the talk of the town and will be the ultimate solution for almost everybody.”

“We are very excited to be partnering with CWallet to enable the financially underserved, better access to financial products. We are unflinching in our endeavour to empower startups by co-creating exceptional payment experiences to meet the end-customer’s needs with a technology-first approach,” said Vaanathi Mohanakrishnan, Head MENA, M2P Fintech.

About CWallet:

CWallet is an award-winning Fintech Startup with basic principles of Payroll, Payment, and Remittance, allowing users to receive their salary on time, conduct online and offline transactions and ultimately send money at any time, anywhere with any currency. The company is in-line with the United Nations ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) goals of supporting Financial Inclusion and Literacy by promoting a cashless society without leaving anyone behind.

For more information (Press only):

Salwa Ghorayeb, Account Director, Action Global Communications – Qatar


About M2P Fintech:

M2P Fintech is Asia’s largest API infrastructure company offering a wide gamut of services that enable businesses of any scale to embed financial services. M2P Fintech is an omni-channel platform that operates in over 20 markets across the Asia Pacific, MENA and Oceania regions. M2P works with over 100 banks, 100 NBFCs and has clocked over 600+ Fintech engagements across a varied set of industries catering to 35mn end customers.


M2P Fintech is well-positioned with a secure and highly customizable tech stack that helps businesses launch their products with efficacy and speed at its core. On one end, M2P’s platform allows businesses to quickly create and deploy customized fintech products by customizing all relevant workflows through their plug-and-play solutions. On the other end, M2P simplifies the ability of banks, licensed and regulated entities to support these products at the back end by facilitating technology integration as well as settlement and operational support. 

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