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#SuperFoodsPeru unveiled at Gulfood 2017


#SuperFoodsPeru unveiled at Gulfood 2017

New campaign celebrates Peru’s distinction as world’s top producer of superfoods

26 February, 2017, UAE: Peru reinforces its superfood credentials during Gulfood 2017 with the launch of its “Superfoods Peru” brand. The comprehensive global campaign celebrates Peru’s status as the world’s top producer of superfoods and highlights the quality, variety and benefits of the country’s food offering.


One of the most biodiverse nations on earth, Peru has a variety of agricultural produce that is synonymous with healthy living. Packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other essential nutrients, these superfoods include quinoa, golden berries, chia seeds, maca root, sacha inchi, purple corn, camu camu, lucuma, asparagus, and blueberries, among many others.


“With today’s consumers seeking healthier choices and new culinary experiences, we see strong export potential for Peruvian produce. The global ‘Superfoods Peru’ promotion strategy is a response to this worldwide trend. Our government anticipates export volumes for superfoods will triple to US$15 billion in the medium term as a result of the campaign. We also expect to see up to 15% annual growth in cropland dedicated to superfoods,” said Alvaro Silva-Santisteban F., Director of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism of Peru, through its representation based in the UAE.


According to industry analysts Technavio, the global naturally healthy foods market is forecast to grow at a CAGR of more than 6% from 2016-2020. The rising awareness of the benefits of health and wellness products has led to increased demand for naturally healthy foods among consumers.


The trend is reflected in Peru’s agricultural exports to the UAE, which in 2016 increased by 52% over the previous year. Among the top agricultural exports were grapes, pomegranates, avocados, asparagus, jalapeños, blueberries, mangoes, organic bananas, quinoa, chia seeds, pulses and corn.


“Fresh fruit and vegetables are among Peru’s top exports to the GCC and we predict these will increase further as more health-conscious consumers change the way they eat, shop and dine. Last year Peruvian businesses closed deals worth US$15 million as a result of their participation in Gulfood. We are optimistic that our status as the best leading culinary destination for five consecutive years, coupled by growing awareness of Peru as the world’s super pantry, will seal even more transactions at Gulfood this year,” said Silva-Santisteban F.


Peru’s geographical location and diversity of climates enables it to supply fresh produce year-round and support counter-cyclical import demand. Today, Peru is the world’s top producer of fishmeal, fish oil, fresh asparagus, quinoa and paprika; and the world’s second largest producer of avocados, artichokes, organic bananas and organic cacao. It produces the greatest varieties of corn, potatoes and chilies in hundreds of colors and flavors.  Peru also ranks first in the world for biodiversity of fishes and it is among the top ten exporters of maca, mangoes and processed asparagus.


“Peru has 82 out of the 111 climates in the world so we have excellent growing conditions. Our producers can grow almost anything and they enjoy high yields across a range of agricultural products. With their progressive use of technology and innovative production and processing methods, Peru’s producers are considered some of the strongest and most reliable trade partners in the world,” added Silva-Santisteban F.


Also contributing to the growth in Peruvian agricultural exports are emerging specialty and niche products. Supplied in fresh, dried, frozen or processed and semi-processed formats, they are perfectly suited to the foodservice, ingredient and manufacturing sectors.


Peruvian companies will present these products and more at the Peru Pavilion during Gulfood 2017. In addition to product showcases, a Dubai-based Peruvian chef will serve up delicious classic dishes such as ceviche, tiradito, causa and quinoa risotto.


Visit Peru at Gulfood 2017 from 26 February to 2nd Mach at Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Centre in Saeed Halls, Trade Center Arena, Booth K4/L3.





Dubai mega show proves a hotbed for global food sector innovation
Dubai, UAE: His Highness Sheikh Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Deputy Ruler of Dubai and UAE Minister of Finance, today opened Gulfood 2017, the 22nd edition of the world-leading food and beverage exhibition at Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC).

Touring the 1,000,000 sq. ft. show, which runs for five days and is expected to receive up to 90,000 food professionals from 150 countries, Sheikh Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum was given a snapshot of the global innovation now impacting an industry striving to meet seismic shifts in consumer dietary preferences.

“Buyer demand for healthy and halal products, as well as trusted resource provenance, has turned Gulfood 2017 into a window to global food sector reinvention. The show is already underlining its international reputation as a hotbed for unique business opportunities,” said Trixie LohMirmand, Senior Vice President, Exhibitions & Events Management, DWTC.

From the latest in health, wellness and free-from to ‘on-the-go’, artisan and affordable-convenience, the show lifts the curtain on a vast range of new concepts and products which are evolving the global F&B scene.

Some 5,000 exhibitors from 120 countries will be showcasing their products and services as they eye a share of the multi-billion dollar MENA F&B market. More than 2,000 participants will be marking their debuts at the world-renowned exhibition, which also hosts the world’s biggest annual Halal food sourcing trade show-in-show in Halal World Food.

“Now in its 22nd edition, Gulfood has long since completed its evolution from a regional event with international participation to an international show that is held in the region,” said LohMirmand.

The geographic influence of Gulfood is demonstrated via 120 national pavilions with four countries – Azerbaijan, Finland, Malta and Somalia – represented for the first time. China, India, Italy, Spain and the USA will mount the largest international pavilions, with Egypt, Jordan, Iran, Lebanon and Morocco showcasing regional capabilities.

Visitors to Gulfood 2017 will find a highly focussed new layout designed to ensure they can make the most productive use of their time at the show by heading straight to their segments of interest. Eight individual food commodity trading markets have been created covering Beverages; Dairy; Fats & Oils; Health, Wellness & Free-From; Pulses, Grains & Cereals; Meat & Poultry; Power Brands and World Food.

Back for the fourth year in a row, Halal World Food boasts more than 1,000 international specialist Halal food brands and companies.

The show also hosts the annual Emirates Culinary Guild International Salon Culinaire – the world’s largest single-entry chefs’ competition. The 2017 Salon Culinaire will see more than 1,000 of the region’s top professional chefs, pastry chefs, cooks and bakers compete for honours accredited by an expert panel mandated by the World Association of Chefs Societies.

Meanwhile, in a ceremony tonight (February 26) at the Conrad hotel, the winners of the eighth Gulfood Innovation Awards will be recognised for best-in-class excellence and innovation across the region’s food and drink industry.

Gulfood 2017 is a strict trade-only event and is open to business and trade visitors. The show is open 11am-7pm from 26 February 26 to 1 March and 11am-5pm on 2 March. Visitors can register onsite for a fee of AED350 (US $95).

كل شيء عن المأكولات الفرنسية في معرض الخليج للأغذية “جلفود 2017”!

كل شيء عن المأكولات الفرنسية في معرض الخليج للأغذية “جلفود 2017”!


إطلاق شعار “صنع في فرنسا، صنع بالحب” لأول مرة في معرض جلفود
مئات المنتجات الجاهزة للتوزيع في سوق الشرق الأوسط
أربعة أجنحة فرنسية مقسمة هذا العام وفقاً للتخصصات

الإمارات العربية المتحدة، 19 فبراير 2017- تجدد الوكالة الوطنية لدعم تنمية الاقتصاد الفرنسي دولياً “بيزنس فرانس” ثقتها بمعرض الخليج للأغذية “جلفود” من خلال اشتراك ما يقرب من سبعين شركة متخصصة في أربعة قطاعات رئيسية بفعاليات المعرض الذي سيعقد في مركز دبي التجاري العالمي في الفترة من 26 فبراير وحتى 2 مارس 2017.
ومن خلال إجمالي مساحة عرض تصل إلى حوالي 900 متر2، ستشهد النسخة الثانية والعشرون لمعرض الخليج للأغذية “جلفود” إطلاق العديد من المنتجات.

تعد صناعة الأغذية القطاع الصناعي الأول في فرنسا حيث تعتبر هذه الصناعة مصدر قوة تقليدية للاقتصاد الفرنسي. وتهدف هذه الصناعة إلى الإجابة على أحد أهم تساؤلات المستقبل الخاص بكيفية توفير الغذاء لتسعة مليار شخص عام 2050 فضلا عن كيفية ضمان الأمن الغذائي بشكل مستدام في عالم دائم الأزمات؟.

هذا وتتميز الأجنحة الفرنسية بكونها المكان المثالي لعرض المنتجات الجديدة غير التقليدية والأكثر ابتكاراً الخاصة بالعارضين الفرنسيين. فهي تتيح للزائرين فرصة التعرف على أحدث التكنولوجيات وأفكار التعبئة فضلا عن اكتشاف أحدث النكهات والمكونات الأكثر شيوعاً والأغذية الصحية. إلى جانب ذلك سيتم تسليط الضوء على أحدث الابداعات الفرنسية في مجال الصناعات الغذائية.
وسيشهد معرض جلفود لأول مرة هذا العام تمثيل فرنسا من خلال شعار “صنع في فرنسا، صنع بالحب” والذي يجسد قيم صناعة الأغذية الفرنسية والمتمثلة في الجودة والخبرة والحب والالتزام.
وسيجتمع سبعون عارض فرنسي متخصص في الأغذية والمشروبات عبر أربعة قطاعات رئيسية وهي:
المأكولات المتخصصة: سيضم هذا القطاع اثنتين وثلاثين شركة في الجناح الفرنسي الأكبر وذلك بقاعة مأكولات العالم المصممة بقاعة الشيخ سعيد.
منتجات الألبان: سيستقبل هذا القطاع ست عشرة شركة حيث ستقوم بعرض سلسلة منتجاتها في قاعة منتجات الألبان الواقعة بقاعة رقم (1).
المشروبات: ستقوم ثمان شركات منتقاة بكشف النقاب عن منتجات طازجة ومجمدة بقاعات زعبيل الجديدة.
اللحوم والدواجن: سيتم تقديم الأطباق الفرنسية المتخصصة لسوق الشرق الأوسط من خلال ست جهات متخصصة في الانتقاء الدقيق للحوم والدواجن وذلك بقاعة اللحوم والدواجن الواقعة بقاعة رقم (3).

ومن ثم سيستمتع زائرو معرض جلفود بالتعرف على العرض الفرنسي الجديد كلياً والذي يشمل على سبيل المثال منتجات حديثي الولادة والسكر الأبيض والبني. كما ستتاح لهم فرصة تذوق منتجات الألبان الطازجة والبيض والأجبان والصلصات والمخللات والمخبوزات والمعجنات والحلويات واللحوم وكذا المأكولات الجاهزة والفواكه المصنعة والمشروبات الغازية.

جدير بالذكر أن فرنسا هي سادس أكبر مُصدِر عالمي للأغذية والمشروبات من خلال تسجيل حجم صادرات بلغ 67 مليار دولار أمريكي عام 2015 فضلا عن تمتعها بالمركز الثالث للفائض التجاري مسجلة 13.6 مليار دولار أمريكي.
وقد قامت الإمارات العربية المتحدة عام 2015 باستيراد منتجات غذائية ومشروبات من فرنسا بقيمة 455 مليون دولار أمريكي.

وقد صرح السيد مارك كانيار مدير وكالة بيزنس فرانس في الشرق الأوسط قائلا: ” تشتهر فرنسا بخبرتها الفنية ومنتجاتها العالية الجودة لا سيما في قطاع الأغذية. وتعد منطقة الشرق الأوسط سوقاً هاماً لنا في إطار ازدهار قطاعي الضيافة والتجزئة. وتعتبر الامارات العربية المتحدة مركزاً إقليمياً وهي شريك اقتصادي رئيسي لنا. ومن ثم فإن هذه المشاركة من شأنها تنشيط تجارتنا وعلاقاتنا الاقتصادية. كما يجب التنويه إلى أن الشرق الأوسط هو أحد أكبر الجهات المستوردة لمنتجات الألبان الفرنسية”.

تجدر الإشارة إلى أن الصادرات الفرنسية من المنتجات الغذائية والمشروبات قد زادت بنسبة 207% في الفترة ما بين عامي 2010 و2015 وذلك على الصعيد الدولي. ومما لا شك فيه أن الصادرات الفرنسية قد شهدت نمواً ليس فقط على مستوى دولة الإمارات العربية المتحدة ولكن أيضاً على مستوى الشرق الأوسط حيث تمثل المنطقة أكثر من 3% من صادرات الأغذية الفرنسية.
وعلى سبيل المثال، تعد المملكة العربية السعودية أكبر سوق تصدير للشركات الفرنسية في قطاع الأغذية والمشروبات مسجلة حوالي مليار دولار أمريكي عام 2015.

وأضاف السيد كانيار قائلا: ” اشتهرت فرنسا منذ زمن طويل بمطبخها الفاخر. وفي عام 2010 أقرت منظمة اليونسكو بخبرة فرنسا الفريدة من نوعها من خلال إدراج فن الطهي الفرنسي بقائمة (الإرث الثقافي العالمي غير المادي). كما شهد عام 2015 حصول الطاهية الفرنسية إيلين داروز على جائزة (أفضل طاهية فئة سيدات على مستوى العالم)”.

وأخيراً سجلت الصادرات الفرنسية من منتجات الألبان على الصعيد العالمي 8 مليار دولار أمريكي من بينها أكثر من 400 مليون دولار أمريكي للشرق الأوسط.

ولمزيد من المعلومات عن المنتجات الجديدة، يمكن الاطلاع على كتالوج العارضين الفرنسيين على الرابط التالي: http://bit.ly/2lHXzCv

نبذة للناشرين:
بيزنس فرانس هي الوكالة الحكومية الفرنسية لدعم تنمية الاقتصاد الفرنسي دولياً. وهي مسئولة عن الترويج للشركات الفرنسية وتعزيز نمو صادراتها فضلا عن تشجيع وتسهيل الاستثمارات الدولية في فرنسا.
وتعمل الوكالة على الترويج للشركات الفرنسية وللنشاط الاقتصادي وعلى تعزيز جاذبية الدولة الفرنسية للاستثمار فضلا عن إدارة برنامج التدريب الدولي V.I.E.





European refineries eager to capitalize on MENA region’s rising demand by leveraging dedicated ‘Fats & Oils’ segment at Gulfood 2017

Growth in low-fat, low-cholesterol and low-calorie oils driven by health-conscious consumer demand

Dubai, UAE: An increasing appetite for olive oil is spearheading strong demand for edible oils across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), putting the sector on track to record a 5.3 per cent compound annual growth rate by 2021, far outstripping the forecasted 3.8 per cent global average, according to Euromonitor International, the market research provider.

Euromonitor International also reported that soaring demand for olive oil, particularly in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, is the result of an influx of Arab and Southern European expatriates and an increase in the number of health-conscious consumers.

“Growing health awareness is enabling more oil brands to penetrate the market, a trend that is set to further extend consumer awareness and, therefore, build category sales,” stated the Euromonitor report.

Oils from vegetables, nuts and fish are also in high demand among increasingly health-conscious consumers, along with ‘low-impacting processing’ oils, in which nutrients are immune to heat – such as virgin olive oil, raw coconut oil and cold pressed walnut oil.

The growing interest in edible oils has given rise to a specialised Fat & Oils segment at next month’s Gulfood 2017, the 22nd edition of the world’s largest food and hospitality exhibition, which runs from 26 February to 2 March, at Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC).

For the first time in its 30-year history, Gulfood 2017 will boast an evolved format where finished food and beverage products are divided into eight specialist sectors – a change designed to generate more direct access, deeper market insight and greater business potential for the 5,000 local, regional and international exhibitors and tens of thousands of visitors.

“This dedicated segmented approach will greatly increase accessibility and trading potential as global food producers and traders establish new supply routes to reach customers and monetise opportunities in emerging markets,” explained Trixie LohMirmand, Senior Vice President, Exhibitions & Events Management, DWTC. “It creates a heightened experience for buyers and traders of the various product groups by connecting them with the right experts in one place. This enables them to acquire greater market insights and make strategic purchasing decisions in a shorter timeframe.”

The concept has received a welcome response from Gulfood’s international exhibitor base, with 84 companies featuring in the Fats & Oils segment alone, including the world’s top olive oil producers from Italy, Spain, Greece, Cyprus, Tunisia and Algeria.

The Italian pavilion will feature key brands including Costa D’Oro, an innovative leader in the olive oil market segment globally; top selling olive oil producers Oleificio Zucchi and Olitalia Group; and family-owned extra virgin olive oil specialists Oleificio Rocchi.

Taking part in Gulfood for the fourth time, Xavier Vallet, Export Manager at leading oil producers Oleificio Zucchi, said: “We have been producing high quality products since 1810, covering at first seeds’ oils and then also olive oils in which we have developed recent significant innovation such as traceability. Extra-virgin olive oil, pure olive oil and organic extra-virgin olive oils have gained popularity over the years, but as edible oils producers were are keen to showcase oils such as sunflower, soy, grapeseed and mixed seeds, and the versatility they offer. We have also launched our new product line made specifically for our B2C audience.

“Being hosted in the Fats & Oils segment at Gulfood will allow us to meet important partners from countries located in the Middle-East in order to expand our business.”

Meanwhile, the Spanish pavilion, under the umbrella of ICEX Spain Trade and Investment, will feature olive oil producing frontrunners such as Martín De Prado Evoo, Mueloliva Y Minerva, Oleicola Alvarez, Sovena España, and Ondoliva.

Jose Luis Marin of Ondoliva, said: “For more than 60 years we’ve produced the highest quality oils while staying true to our values of tradition and respect to the earth.

“With the increasing demand for edible oils, particularly olive oil, comes the added pressure of staying true to those values, but we have always pursued excellence in our work.

“Gulfood presents an opportunity to showcase the Ondoliva way and demonstrate why we continue to be market leaders with our products.”

With the number of health-conscious consumers on the rise, UAE-based olive oil producer IFFCO, will be showcasing its RAHMA Extra Virgin Olive Oil Special Harvest, which it claims has just 0.3% acidity compared with 0.8% found in most Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

“This Olive Oil is produced by processing a rare variety of Olives. The process involves hand picking the best-quality olives, which are immediately taken to the mill in weather-controlled containers to ensure the fruit is in its freshest state before processing,” said Sudhakar Gupta, Director Business Development at IFFCO Group.

“This is a unique proposition in the GCC region because no other known brand has this variety available for sale. Users of this variety are either consumers who missed having Olive Oil of high quality from their home country or existing users of Extra Virgin Olive Oil who enjoy adding a delicacy to their dining table.”

“This dedicated segment at Gulfood provides us with the perfect platform to showcase our high-quality products.”

“The biggest names in this important food commodities segment will be in Dubai to explore a market with consistently rising demand,” concluded LohMirmand. “The stage is set for some major deals to be struck.”

Gulfood 2017 will feature 120 national pavilions including first-time participants Malta, Finland, Somalia and Azerbaijan, while international heads of state, ministers, government officials and scores of national trade associations eager to ink lucrative bi-lateral trade agreements will be among tens and thousands of anticipated visitors.

Gulfood 2017 is a trade event open strictly to business and trade visitors. The show is open 11am-7pm from February 26 to March 1 2017 and 11am-5pm on March 2 2017. Visitors can pre-register at http://www.gulfood.com to save AED150 (US$ 40) on the on-site entry fee of AED350 (US$ 95).