World Food Expo 2017- Taste the Best of the World- Offer valid from March 22 till April 04,2017

World Food Expo 2017- Taste the Best of the World- Offer valid from March 22 till April 04,2017

Bloggers Meet 2017- Happy At Lulu-

Lulu’s Group New Achievements:

In February 2017 Deloitte in Annual Global Retailers Report has ranked Lulu Group as the top retailer in the Middle East and 27th among the top 50 fastest growing retailers in the world.

Following the announcement Chairman for Lulu Group, Yusuffalli M.A. said: “Today, it is completely a consumer-driven market and the shopper needs only the very best. We have been continuously innovating  in all aspects of our business process, right from store layout to product offering and pricing structure. We see no slowdown in our industry and we intend to go ahead with our announced expansion plans. Currently, we have 133 stores which will reach 150 by mid-2018, with new stores coming up in almost all GCC countries.”

What is the success secret of Lulu ?

The main goal is simply to make customers happy with diversity of products, the price policies and attention to details.

Lulu offers an ultra-modern shopping ambience by integrating all conceivable needs of the consumers under one roof. Firmly following the tagline “Lulu, where the world comes to shop”, the Group has always tried to be a one stop shop for the multi-ethnic community of the region with an international mix of products as well as staff of different nationalities. The 500,000 plus shoppers who patronize Lulu daily are the true testament to the popularity of the Lulu brand.

This international character fully reflected at Grocery and Hot Food section where the menu consist of more than 20-30 dishes prepared every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner for each of cuisines type – Arabic, Indian, Filipino and Continental.

Facts about Lulu Kitchen

We prepare over 20 different types of world foods from Indian and Chinese to Arabic, Thai and many more countries of the world.

We import different types of spices – nearly 40 – from all over the world to complement our in house produced quality foods.

Our menus change daily from breakfast to lunch and evening dinner. We offer over 30 varieties of dishes per setting.

We have over 20 different types of Biryanis and this goes up with promotion’s or Festivals. Did you know that we sell over 600,000 Shawarmas’ a year in Dubai?

We prepare all our salads and cuts fruits within our stores in Dubai and we sell over 100 types of salads, and over 500,000 kilos of fruits.


Lulu Fish and Meat Section

We sell many types of meat: specialty and organic ranges, Wagyu beef, Venison, Angus beef, organic beef, Camel meats, gazelle meat, ducks, turkeys, Quails and rabbit meats.


Lulu Bakery

We import almost 100 different products ranges from various countries across the world, USA, UK, Spain, Italy, India, Canada, France and the Philippine’s to sell in our bakeries in Dubai.

We source and use ingredients from suppliers from around the world to make our specialty products and ranges. These countries include Germany, Holland, Belgium, Australia, Austria, Indonesia. Did you know we sell over 200,000 white bread loafs in Dubai?

We sell many types of health-related ranges such as Organic and Vegan. As an example: all our Bridor range is Organic.

We make in house 60 specialty breads, 70 Arabic products and 21 specialist Filipino products.

All our specialty bread, Arabic and French bread are vegan with no milk or eggs added so almost 100 breads fall into this category.

World Food Expo 2017- Taste the Best of the World- Offer valid from March 22 till April 04,2017

Lulu , Where the world comes to shop!

تسعى شركة Akamai إلى تحسين تجارب بث المحتوى عبر الإنترنت (OTT) من خلال تقديم قدرات تسريع الوسائط

تسعى شركة Akamai إلى تحسين تجارب بث المحتوى عبر الإنترنت (OTT) من خلال تقديم قدرات تسريع الوسائط


الإمارات، دبي، 23 مارس 2017 – أعلنت اليوم شركة Akamai Technologies, Inc.‎ (ورمزها في بورصة ناسداك هو AKAM)، الرائدة في مجال خدمات شبكة تسليم المحتوى (CDN)، عن توفُّر تقنية تسريع الوسائط من Akamai، التي صُمِّمَت من أجل تحسين تجارب المشاهدة لمستخدمي الفيديو عبر الإنترنت (OTT) وتسريع ألعاب الفيديو وغير ذلك من عمليات تنزيل البرامج. ولقد باتت تقنية تسريع الوسائط تشكّل علامة بارزة في تطوّر قدرات تسليم المحتوى من Akamai وذلك بالانتقال إلى نهج يركّز على العميل في توزيع البرامج والفيديو عبر الإنترنت. وقد تم دمج هذه التقنية في تطبيقات العملاء مباشرةً لتحسين تجربة كل مستخدم.

يمكن أن يستفيد مشغلو بث المحتوى عبر الإنترنت (OTT) من الاتصال الأكثر فعالية بين أجهزة العملاء وشبكة Akamai لتقديم فيديو يتناسب بشكل مثالي مع قدرات الأجهزة ونوع الشبكة وظروف المستخدمين. ومن خلال التغلب على الكثير من التحديات الأساسية المتعلقة بتسليم الفيديو عبر الإنترنت، يمكن أن تساعد تقنية تسريع الوسائط مشغلي بث المحتوى عبر الإنترنت (OTT) في توفير جودة عالية يمكن التنبؤ بها دائمًا اعتاد العملاء عليها في البث التقليدي.

تعمل شركة Akamai على تعزيز المعايير الناشئة، مثل اتصالات الإنترنت السريعة عبر بروتوكول مخطط بيانات المستخدم (UDP)، لتشجيع العملاء على استخدام تقنية تسريع الوسائط، وذلك كجزء من تحسيناتها لتسليم المحتوى عبر بروتوكول مخطط بيانات المستخدم (UDP) من أجل زيادة معدل نقل الفيديو على المستوى العالمي. ويمكن لتلك القدرات أن تحسّن السرعة والجودة والاتساق في تسليم المحتوى عبر شبكة الإنترنت المفتوحة، مع الحدّ من انخفاض الأداء الذي يحدث غالبًا في الميل الأخير وعلى مسافة بضع أقدام من الشبكة، حتى داخل المنزل.

يقول سكوت براون، نائب رئيس إدارة المنتجات في قسم الوسائط في شركة Akamai: “للتوزيع التلفازي التقليدي سمات أساسية تجارية وتشغيلية تختلف بشكل كبير عن توزيع الفيديو عبر الإنترنت حاليًا”. ويضيف قائلاً: “لقد طورّت Akamai تقنية تسريع الوسائط لتكون بمثابة مركبة يمكننا من خلالها تقديم ابتكارات تعالج جودة بث المحتوى عبر الإنترنت (OTT) وتقلل تحدياتها، إلى جانب توفير نماذج اقتصادية مستدامة يمكن أن تساعد في تطوير توزيع الفيديو عبر الإنترنت”.

يستطيع ناشرو ألعاب الفيديو ومزودو البرامج استخدام تقنية تسريع الوسائط من أجل تحسين الأداء المتعلق بتسليم ألعاب الفيديو وغيرها من حالات تنزيل البرامج. وسوف تتوفر التقنية لعملاء Akamai كميزة في منتجات Adaptive Media Delivery وDownload Delivery من Akamai.

كما تعتزم Akamai عرض قدرات تقنية تسريع الوسائط خلال المعرض الدولي للإعلام الرقمي واتصالات الأقمار الصناعية – كابسات لعام 2017 عند (Hall 4), 4 منصة A4-10، الذي يُعقد في الفترة بين 21 و23 مارس 2017 في دبي.




Dubai, UAE – Regional powerhouse Viacom International has expanded its partnership with local broadcasting giant, OSN, to introduce the new Paramount Channel at CABSAT’s Content Congress on March 22.
Delivering the latest in entertainment media solutions and technologies to the MENA region, the three-day trade show will run from 21-23 March at the Dubai World Trade Centre.
Raffaele Annecchino, President & MD, VIMN SWEMEA said: “After launching the first Paramount Channel ever just five years ago, the MENA version will be the twelfth in the world, expanding the Paramount Channel reach to more than 94 million households across nearly 100 countries. The Paramount Channel in MENA is the next step forward in this rapid expansion and a very important launch.”
Paramount Channel is one of the most widely distributed movie channels in the world and the fastest growing brand in VIMN’s portfolio, offering viewers movies and TV series with a special focus on behind the scenes and storytelling elements. Statistics show that globally, 83% of adults aged 16-54 love watching movies and in the Middle East the percentage is even higher at 89%. Internationally, 3-in-4 adults watch at least one film per week with 82% of these, viewing them at home. Further regional statistics show that 92% of respondents in the Middle East watch films specifically on television making it the most popular viewing platform and proves that Linear TV is still growing across the world, including in the Middle East region. Drawing from a library of more than 100 years of trusted Paramount movie content and reinforced by contemporary third-party acquisitions, the Paramount Channel is perfectly positioned to meet the entertainment demands of Middle Eastern audiences.
An exciting, interactive event featuring all the major global technology and content service providers for this growing industry, CABSAT has welcomed thousands of regional and international visitors involved in the creation, management, distribution and monetisation of content to explore pioneering products, technologies and regional investment avenues.
CABSAT 2017 will run from 21 to 23 March at the Dubai World Trade Centre. For more information please visit

BORN TO MOVE™ REEBOK SCHOOL TOUR first stop Swiss International Scientific School Dubai


BORN TO MOVE™ REEBOK SCHOOL TOUR first stop Swiss International Scientific School Dubai, accepts challenge to set Guinness Book World Record for the biggest BORN TO MOVE™ class ever held

Dubai, UAE – 23 March 2017: Swiss International Scientific School Dubai (SISD), in collaboration with Stryx and Reebok, are pleased to announce that their students, staff and parents have accepted the challenge of helping to set a Guinness Book World Record. Using the school’s new sport facilities, SISD attempted a Guinness Book World Record for the biggest BORN TO MOVE™ class ever held*. LesMills’ BORN TO MOVE powered by Stryx, has teamed up with Reebok to bring the latest trend in children’s fitness to the big stage. The aim of the tour is to inspire fitness for the next generation and have a day where all children will be experiencing the thrill of group fitness at their age level. SISD, being the first school to host the Reebok school tour, kicked it off with a bang!

SISD’s Head of School and Swiss national, Beat Sommer, said “Here at SISD we were honored to be the first school on the BORN TO MOVE™ Reebok tour. I am so proud of everyone who took part in the biggest ever BORN TO MOVE™ class, what an achievement! Being involved in events such as these is so important, it brings the schooling community together and inspires the young to stay active which is all part of a balanced lifestyle that we strongly encourage at the school.”

Officially sponsored by Reebok, BORN TO MOVE™ is a fitness class for children ages 2-16. Students, parents and staff were encouraged to express themselves through the latest BORN TO MOVE™ choreographies while dressed up in fun and vibrant clothes. A fun and carefree environment was created making all the children feel comfortable, free and ready to let loose and have fun.

Building on the huge success of the BORN TO MOVE™ class held during the Colour Run in November 2016 at Dubai Autodrome, where over 3000 people were dancing, punching and jumping to the latest choreographies, they have now brought the same to Swiss International Scientific School in Dubai.

Benjamin Cassaigne, Head of After-School Activities at SISD, acknowledges that the education sector in Dubai is growing rapidly and schools need to differentiate themselves from their competition by providing the best service possible to their students and parents. SISD and Stryx work in close collaboration to contribute towards improving UAE’s children’s health by inspiring a love of movement and sports at a young age. They aim to broaden children’s horizon by introducing a wide array of after-school activities and finding the one thing that makes that child fall in love with fitness.

With the recent opening of Swiss International Scientific School Dubai’s state-of-the-art sports facilities, the school was an obvious choice for Stryx to partner with as the first school of the BORN TO MOVE™ Reebok tour. SISD boasts an Olympic sized pool, a 400 m outdoor running track with an indoor track and two sports halls, a full-sized football and rugby pitch, two outdoor floodlit tennis courts, along with two lit paddle tennis courts, a climbing wall, dance studios and a weights and cardiovascular gym. The school will also develop a range of water sports activities, such as sailing, kayaking, and paddle boarding to take full advantage of their unique access to Dubai Creek.

*pending final approval by Guinness Book World Records Management

Emirates Hospitals Group participates in Dubai Medical Tourism roadshows in Nigeria and Ghana

Emirates Hospitals Group participates in Dubai Medical Tourism roadshows in Nigeria and Ghana


Emirates Hospitals Group, a leading healthcare services provider in the UAE, participated in the Dubai Medical Tourism Roadshows organized in Nigeria and Ghana recently. The roadshows brought together healthcare facilities and travel operators specialized in medical tourism to meet with Dubai-based facilities to sign agreements and begin referring on patients for treatment in Dubai.

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