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Nawab Restaurant Opens Doors in MOE with Brand New Identity

Nawab Restaurant Opens Doors in MOE with Brand New Identity

Dubai, August 13, 2017:  Constantly striving to transcend boundaries, Dubai-based Nawab Restaurant soars to greater heights with the opening of its new outlet at the Mall of the Emirates following a complete renovation program. After a sweeping facelift, the restaurant is pleased to reveal its new innovative dishes, but will still retain the age-old Indian essence.

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Sesame Restaurant to captivate Dubai with exciting new ‘world food’

Sesame Restaurant to captivate Dubai with exciting new ‘world food’

Dubai, August 9, 2017 – Sesame Restaurant opened its doors in Dubai, captivating foodies with fresh dining concept that fills a gap in a food-conscious market such as Dubai’s.

“Sesame is a new crop of plant forward food, with combined cooking techniques, style and flavors from around the globe – we created Sesame ground up fueled by determination to share nourishing food,“ said founding partners Neha Jamani and Irina Sharma.

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Hotel Café Royal London is proud to announce a collaboration with leading French perfumer and artist diptyque to create an Afternoon tea inspired by a selection of the iconic brand’s most popular scents.  The “diptyque Afternoon Tea” will be available exclusively in the gilded splendour of the Oscar Wilde Bar at the hotel, recently awarded the title of ‘Best Traditional Afternoon Tea’ in the 2017 Afternoon Tea Awards, and launches at the start of September 2017.


Awesome August Awaits Diners at Coral Beach Resort Sharjah

Awesome August Awaits Diners at Coral Beach Resort Sharjah

Coral Beach Resort Sharjah, managed by HMH, has got some cool dining offers lined up all through these sweltering summer weeks that are bound to refresh and entice you. Starting from an awesome Eid Al Adha brunch for families at its brand new international restaurant Cote Jardin to an indulgent Business lunch at the Al Dente restaurant there is something to suit every taste, mood and occasion. Here’s what is on offer:

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Enjoy the authentic taste, sound and sight of Africa in a unique journey at KIZA Restaurant & Lounge right in the heart of Dubai

Enjoy the authentic taste, sound and sight of Africa in a unique journey at KIZA Restaurant & Lounge right in the heart of Dubai

Dubai, June 15, 2017: KIZA, the only one-of-its-kind Pan-African Restaurant and Lounge in the entire region, has successfully reinforced itself as the one-stop destination that promotes, celebrates and embraces the spirit of Africa through its cuisine, music, hospitality, creativity, artistry, fashion and culture.

Strategically located at the Dubai International Financial Centre [DIFC], KIZA has carved a niche as the place to go for all things African – be it the Pan-African cuisine, right from the fragrant and authentic Chicken Brik and Couscous Salad of North Africa to the Rainbow Cuisine of South Africa; to Afro beats, Afro-House music or Afro Jazz to experiencing the vibrant culture of the continent.

The concept, established in October 2015 at DIFC subsequent to a successful casual dining experience since 2012 in OudMetha, is also the veritable platform to promote African artists in the Middle East. With its stylish décor and lip-smacking menu, KIZA embodies the vibrancy and personality of Africa through a multifaceted sensory experience.

Lukman Akanbi, Co-Founder of KIZA DIFC, said: “KIZA is much more than a restaurant, it’s an experience promoting and celebrating the best in and out of Africa. Dubai is one of the most prominent cities in the world, having a vibrant cosmopolitan, business and multicultural feel, KIZA completes the African touch to it.”

So, whether one wants to enjoy Tamiya or Kelewele or Beef GochiGochi or Egusi or spicy stews from West Africa and the traditional meat dishes and soups of East Africa, KIZA is the place to go.

Joe Osawaye, Co-Founder & Managing Partner of KIZA DIFC, added: “At KIZA, we want our guests to experience Africa in a genuine, inclusive and vibrant manner through a carefully-crafted selection and variety of the best that Africa offers – in a premium and comfortable setting that engages and delights all the senses.”

KIZA has also supported and hosted a number of events in Dubai, including Taste of Dubai 2015, VIVA AFRICA concert series, sponsorship of FIFA U-17 tournament etc.

No wonder that the success of KIZA in Dubai has prompted the management to expand its geographical presence in other parts of the world. The group already operates its restaurant in Nairobi, and eyeing to open in North America, Europe and across the Middle East & other parts of Africa.


UAE based food Safety and Quality professional launches ‘Global Diet’, a new practical approach to safe and sustainable diet

UAE based food Safety and Quality professional launches ‘Global Diet’, a new practical approach to safe and sustainable diet.

Dubai, UAE; June 14, 2017: At a time when nutritionists and fitness enthusiasts are overwhelmed with numerous diet plans for weight loss, UAE based food safety and quality professional, Ayman Natsheh has launched a unique practical concept of diet based on having a moderately balanced week of diet every week. This allows consumers to have their favorite food items, yet maintain a healthy weight. As explained in his newly launched book ‘The Global Diet’, it is an easy to follow plan, and for those with no prior knowledge of nutrition, it can be broken down into simple steps by a qualified nutritionist.

The diet moves away from the concept of eating only healthy food on a daily basis, which is difficult for most people to adhere to. Instead, it allows consumers to have their favourite food, provided the frequency and quantity of consumption is modified every week. The diet should be supplemented by an exercise programme equivalent to a person’s calorie intake.Until recently, Ayman Natsheh worked as the quality and regulatory operations manager at General Mills Middle East & North Africa, based in Dubai. The Palestinian food safety and quality professional has presented his approach to diet at various conferences such as Middle East Congress of Nutrition; and Dubai International Food Safety Conference.

According to Natsheh, “Having a nutritionally balanced week is an easier way of communicating, understanding and implementing nutritional recommendations, than following a balanced meal, because meals can have different levels of balance: totally balanced, almost balanced, partially balanced and non-balanced meals. The ‘Global Diet’ I have proposed in my book allows people to eat their favourite food, even if it is a burger or a pizza. All they need to do is organize their favourite food into a weekly table, and modify their quantity and frequency of consumption with the help of a nutritionist. In this diet, they can follow a moderately balanced week every week. In the long run, this can help in weight management and prevent lifestyle diseases.

”In his book ‘The Global Diet’, he presents two approaches: H.O.M.E for consumers and DACCF for nutritionists. H.O.M.E can be summarized into four steps, as described below: H: Have a list of your favorite food and meals (healthy and less healthy ones)O: Organize them in a weekly table as per your existing eating habitsM: Modify their quantity and frequency of consumption based on nutritionist’s recommendationE: Exercise frequently, burning calories in proportion to your calorie intakeThese steps encourage people to write down what they like to eat, then have what they committed to, with sustainable modification as per the nutritionists’ advice.

This is compliant with ISO standard, and in line with the philosophy “say what you do and do what you say.”Based on the same scientific principles of risk assessment of medicine intake where the dosage is determined depending on the concentration of the active substance, and the body’s need for it; and following a similar approach to Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points (HACCP) which is an international food safety standard; Global Diet approach offers a Diet Analysis of Critical Components of Food (DACCF). This helps nutritionists to make a gradual, continuous weekly diet improvement, in three easy steps:a) Analyze the diet for critical components, such as salt, sugar, saturated and trans fats.b) Classify the meals within the analyzed diet into four categories, depending on their balance level.c) Improve percentages of consumption for the coming week, by increasing the quantity & frequency of consumption of recommended nutrients, such as fiber and vitamins, and decreasing the quantity and frequency of food containing over consumed nutrients, such as sugar and saturated fats.

“The Global Diet is an idea whose time has come,” says Natsheh. “It offers a common language between health professionals, health organizations, health authorities and the food industry. It gives the public a unified message of proper nutrition based on proper food choices available to them and according to their budget.”Although individuals can set their diet with H.O.M.E steps, Natsheh recommends consulting a nutritionist, initially, who will help prepare a safe weekly plan as per DACCF method.“If properly followed, this new diet plan can possibly help overcome the global challenges of diseases related to wrong nutrition,” adds Natsheh, who is currently looking for cooperation with organizations, universities and research centers worldwide interested in conducting further research using his Global Diet approach.

Man’oushe Street and Al Rajhi Group sign landmark agreement to open 25 new branches in Riyadh

Man’oushe Street and Al Rajhi Group sign landmark agreement to open 25 new branches in Riyadh

Saudi Arabia’s fast dining segment expected to grow at a CAGR of four per cent to peak at SAR 30.1 billion in 2021


June 11, 2017 – As part of its continuing efforts to expand its presence in the Middle East region, Man’oushe Street, a popular Middle Eastern eatery that serves traditional, home-styled street food, has revealed the signing of a strategic new master franchise agreement with the Al Rajhi Group, a leading international holding investment group in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), to open 25 new branches in Riyadh, where two branches will open before the end of this year.  The agreement is being lauded as a timely and strategic move as recent industry reports show fast food value sales in the KSA is being predicted to grow at a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of four per cent in the next five years–peaking at SAR 30.1 billion in 2021.


Recent reports have shown that the KSA’ s F & B segment has been performing excellently. In fact, the segment is expected to reach USD 121 million in revenue for 2017, showing a CAGR of 14.6 per cent in a market volume of USD 208 million over the next five years. In addition, reports have also forecasted that user penetration will be at nine per cent this year and hit 11.3 per cent by 2021. To date, the average revenue per user (ARPU) amounts to USD 58.42 million.


“These are truly exciting times for Saudi Arabia’s F&B segment and this new agreement with Man’oushe Street will allow us the opportunity to make our mark in this rapidly growing segment. We are confident that we will be able to retain the mark of excellence that Man’oushe Street has become famous for and something that we also share in common,” said Khalid Abdullah Al Rajhi, Al Rajhi Group. “Man’oushe Street’s signature offerings is expected to be a crowd favorite in the KSA, especially here in the kingdom’s capital as it represents a winning combination for those wanting a fast meal that is highly nutritious yet easy on the budget.”


The growth of the country’s fast food segment is widely attributed to the low presence of other entertainment facilities and the increased growth of the kingdom’s young adult population. These two factors, along with the country’s continuing rapid urbanization, has bolstered the segment’s continuing growth, fuelling a demand for food that is fast, affordable and nutritious.


“Over the last few years, Man’oushe Street has positioned itself as a leading player in the region’s fast food industry. This new agreement with the Al Rajhi Group demonstrates our efforts to implement a new roadmap towards further reinforcing and expanding our presence in the Middle East. This is a landmark agreement for Man’oushe Street, as it is our first time to enter the KSA market with the initial opening of 25 branches in Riyadh. Rest assured, we remain steadfast in our commitment to work closely with our new partner, the Al Rajhi Group, to make Man’oushe Street a highly preferred fast food brand in the Kingdom,” concluded Jihad El Eit, CEO and Founder, Man’oushe Street.