Bayut Expands its Reach, Introducing Chinese Language Option

Bayut Expands its Reach, Introducing Chinese Language Option

The Only Property Portal in Chinese in the UAE!

Dubai, 19 May 2023 – – In response to the growing demand from Chinese investors and property seekers in the market, Bayut recognises the importance of eliminating language barriers and ensuring an inclusive experience for all by introducing the Chinese language option on their platform.

By offering this service, Bayut becomes the first and only UAE-based property portal available in Chinese. This innovative addition strengthens Bayut’s commitment to helping individuals from diverse backgrounds find their dream homes in the United Arab Emirates.

With the newly-added Chinese language option, Chinese speaking users from all corners of the globe can seamlessly navigate the UAE real estate market and find their perfect home, without any language constraints.

On this latest release, Haider Ali Khan, Head of Dubizzle Group MENA and CEO of Bayut and dubizzle stated: “With all the new visa regulations that have simplified residency, visitation, and job exploration in the UAE, we are committed to empowering individuals from across the globe to discover their dream homes in this vibrant country. Looking at the growing interest of Chinese investors in the region, the introduction of the Chinese language option perfectly aligns with our mission to provide a seamless property search experience and cater to the diverse needs of our multicultural community.”

The availability of Bayut in Chinese demonstrates the company’s dedication to supporting the diverse communities within the UAE. By embracing linguistic inclusivity, strives to empower Chinese-speaking individuals, enabling them to find their ideal homes and invest confidently in the UAE real estate market.


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