Residents thrill with newly opened China Centre in Abu Dhabi

Residents thrill with newly opened China Centre in Abu Dhabi

ABU DHABI: The residents of Abu Dhabi have their own China Centre with many opportunities of shopping, entertainment and leisure under one roof and soon an array of cultural and social activities will bring more thrill.

This was stated Bo Sheng, Deputy General Manager of Original International, the operator of Capital Mall-China Centre located in Mohamed Bin Zayed City, Abu Dhabi in an exclusive interview.

“With all its shopping options for all segments of the society, our target is to transform this unique place as ‘Chinese Trading Centre’ and a place of retail and business destination. Most of our tenants dealing in the ‘Home and Furniture’ sections have their manufacturing plants either in China or UAE and with their local warehouses, they can fulfill any order of any capacity for the individual or corporate customer within two days. The two-day delivery on the doorsteps – Based on Stock availability – of the customers is one of over most attractive bargain for the customers across the UAE,” he said.

The newly built shopping Centre opened recently and has already occupied with 95 per cent as most of them are China origin and residing in the country for over 10-years.

The 6-floor center can accommodate 3000 cars on its 3-floors while the other three floors are operational with retail and business tenants.

“With our unique location, we are ideal shopping destination for MBZ City growing with all types of infrastructure from residential accommodations to government offices and other necessary installations. We are planning to hold a series of cultural and entertainment events on all the important occasions like Ramadan, Eid, Christmas, National Day and New Year with the support of our tenants and government entities,” he mentioned.

Since its opening in March, the Centre has been witnessing amassed growth of footfall from all segments of the society.

“Our aim is to cater the needs of area residents with their daily necessities through this shopping destination housed of hundreds of brands from Fashion and electronics, households to furniture and machineries heavy equipment like lifts and escalators. With all these shopping opportunities, no one has to go to other Emirates. With all the leading retailers, we are offering competitive prices of our goods to fulfill the requirements of customers from individuals to corporate sectors,” he added.


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