A memorable dining experience where exceptional food meets homely comfort

Saddle introduces new concept Saddle House

A memorable dining experience where exceptional food meets homely comfort

From serving guests in their cars
Saddle re-introduces a new much-awaited experience
with Saddle House

Saddle, the enticingly warm eatery with creative cuisine and exceptional service, has re-introduced its dine-in experience as a brand new concept called Saddle House. For years, Saddle has been known for their high quality products, creative ideas, and convenient locations. With Saddle House, the brand is now introducing its guests to exceptional hospitality and dining excellence. Guests can enjoy it’s remarkable casual dining experience in the premium district of Marsa Al Bateen, Abu Dhabi.

Saddle House comes as the next natural transition in the concept’s journey of evolution, offering guests a new dining experience and aiming to be remembered for it’s warmth, hospitality, and creative dishes that make them feel right at home.

From outdoor food expeditions to the homely, cosy comfort of Saddle House, the brand is taking its fine-quality products, creative ideas, and unique experiences a step further with this new and elevated restaurant experience. Designed for beautiful, unforgettable moments, Saddle House brings tailored encounters to make guests feel right at home in a place that it calls its very own.

A fascinating amalgam of heartwarming design, great food, and exceptional hospitality, Saddle House now presents more ‘intimate’ food experiences to guests. From serving patrons in their cars, Saddle is introducing a new experience with incredible products, campaigns, and customer service to their House.

Built as a captivating glass structure with warm, inviting interiors, Saddle House features unique design elements that have been created by the visionary Emirati artist Mattar Bin Lahej to create a feeling of being truly welcomed. Saddle House’s menu, as always, does not fail to impress. Fashioned to offer something special for everyone, it brings forth a mix of divine classics with creative spins and also more contemporary cuisines that cater to all palates

A warm gastronomic adventure, brilliant hospitality, and unforgettable customer service, Saddle brings all of this and more to Saddle House. Built as the second home for those who love the finer things in life, Saddle House is your home away from home.

  • Location- Saddle House , Marsa – Al Bateen – Abu Dhabi
  • Contact- 050 394 4802
  • Timing- 7:30 AM – 1 AM
  • Instagram- @saddle

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