MAISON LUXE, welcomes Perrelet’s limited-edition Turbine Poker collection

MAISON LUXE, welcomes Perrelet’s limited-edition Turbine Poker collection

Perrelet’s 50-piece limited-edition Turbine Poker watch, revealing a poker game-inspired sub-dial, is now available in Maison Luxe, Dubai Mall.

Dubai, May 12, 2023

Maison Luxe, the leading luxury multi-brand retailer of watches and fine jewelry, hosted an exclusive event for the worldwide launch of the highly coveted limited-edition Turbine Poker collection from Perrelet. Renowned worldwide for its exceptional timepieces, Perrelet is a Swiss-based watchmaker celebrated for its patented double rotor and turbine technologies.

During the exclusive event held at Maison Luxe in Dubai mall, guests were offered a unique opportunity to experience the captivating allure of the Turbine Poker collection first-hand. Inspired by the intricacies of the renowned card game, the collection showcases a stunning dial design where the cards reveal themselves from beneath the 12-blade wheel. Meticulously crafted by Perrelet, this limited-edition collection truly embodies the brand’s signature fusion of mechanical mastery and artistic expression. 

The Brand Director of Perrelet, Hugo Lesizza, took the occasion to make the first official statement announcing the launch of the brand’s exclusive collection in Maison Luxe. “We are very happy to collaborate with Maison Luxe, our official partner in Dubai, to introduce the brand itself and its latest offerings. This event at Maison Luxe marks the international official launch of the new limited-edition Turbine Poker. The aim is to deliver something disruptive and unique from the competing brands. It is a great opportunity for us to showcase our inventions in Dubai. At Maison Luxe, the Turbine Full Lum and Turbine Poker are available for pre-booking, and visitors will have the opportunity to purchase other collections as well. We recognize the immense potential for the brand in this country, which is always eager to embrace new experiences.” 

The iconic Turbine feature, a hallmark of Perrelet timepieces, mesmerized attendees as it gracefully rotated with the wearer’s every movement, captivating both the eye and the imagination. The Turbine Poker, a time-only model, takes centrestage with its complex dial composed of three key elements that set Perrelet timepieces apart on the watchmaking scene: the sub-dial, the 12-blade rotating turbine and its characteristic hour ring. 

The captivating ambiance of Maison Luxe’s boutique provided the perfect backdrop, complementing Perrelet’s exceptional craftsmanship and artistic prowess. With the unveiling of the limited-edition Turbine Poker collection, watch enthusiasts, top influencers and Perrelet fans were transported into a world of horological innovation. To add an extra zing to the exciting evening, Dubai-based artist Alicia Goveas sketched poker designs and personalized the Perrelet pouches live in the store, offering customers a unique memoir of the event. 


About Maison Luxe

Maison Luxe is a multi-brand luxury concept store located in Dubai Mall, UAE. The store houses a diverse selection of premium products, specializing in luxury watches, high jewellery, jewellery, eyewear, leather goods, and accessories. The luxury boutique offers a captivating portfolio of renowned international brands that cater to the discerning tastes of connoisseurs.

About Perrelet

Perrelet history dates back to 1777 when Abraham Louis Perrelet created the first automatic watch of the industry. It is now a manufacturer of Haute-horlogerie with watches ranging from classic to disruptive design. 

Since 2004, Perrelet is owned by the Spanish entrepreneur Mr Miguel RODRIGUEZ also founder and President of the independent watchmaking group, FESTINA Group, along with the Swiss movement manufacturer company SOPROD allowing Perrelet to have access to exclusive in-house automatic movements now COSC certified and Chronofiable.

This production autonomy allows Perrelet to develop bespoke pieces and special series. For more than one decade now the DNA of the brand is the Turbine technology proposing a unique and eye-catching concept in the Haute-Horlogerie. The Turbine feature and its visual effect allows us to work on trendsetting thematic. 

For more information on the collection, please contact

Email ID: 

Contact no. 04 874 0888

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