SGS Academy TVP Certificate

SGS Academy TVP Certificate

16th May (Abu Dhabi) – Saudi Ground Service’s (SGS) has been recognized and awarded with four distinctive Training Validation Program (TVP) Certifications from the International Air Transport Association (IATA) covering a wide range of over 50 course titles relevant to the aviation industry, consisting of four categories of General Aviation and Safety, Ramp Handling, Passenger Handling and Load Control.

These TVP certifications recognize excellence in workplace learning practices and compliance with international and industry training standards in accordance with the ground operation training management requirement in the IATA Airport Handling Manual (AHM).

We take great pride in these certifications as they serve as a testament to our commitment to providing top-quality training to our employees, where we can assure our clients that SGS employees have been thoroughly trained to meet the highest standards in the aviation industry. We will continue to improve our training programs to ensure that we provide the best possible service and the highest level of SAFETY and QUALITY to our customer airlines.

The certification process from IATA involved rigorous evaluation of SGS Training Academy in validating the effectiveness of our training programs. The process consisted of covering over 100 question items against internationally recognized aviation training standards that included assessments of the quality of the training material, the effectiveness of the training procedures and facilitation, and the results of the training provided.

We are delighted by this recognition and are committed to developing, maintaining, and improving our training programs, ensuring that SGS remains at the forefront of the aviation industry.

“We believe that this certification will help us strengthen our position as a leading provider of ground handling solutions to the aviation industry and to better serve our customer airlines in the safest manner. Along with that, our team is highly experienced in the aviation industry, and they have worked hard to ensure that our training programs are of the highest standard. The IATA certifications are a recognition of their hard work and dedication” – Raed H. Al-Idrissi (CEO).

We congratulate SGS on achieving the IATA Training Validation Program (TVP) certificates for their ground operation training program. This accomplishment demonstrates SGS’s commitment to excellence in workplace learning practices and their adherence to international and industry training standards. Their dedication to providing their workforce with high-quality and effective training, further strengthens the aviation industry’s commitment to safety and efficiency,” said Nick Careen, IATA Senior Vice President Operations, Safety and Security Division.

Recognized and awarded with four distinctive IATA Training Validation Program (TVP) Certifications in the following categories:

  1. General Aviation and Safety
  2. Ramp Handling
  3. Passenger Handling
  4. Load Control

This is the link where SGS has been officially listed on IATA’s website:


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