Quench your thirst this summer with Tamoka’s new beverage menu, inspired by the Bill McCoy’s rum-running story

Quench your thirst this summer with Tamoka’s new beverage menu, inspired by the Bill McCoy’s rum-running story

Dubai, 11 May 2023: Escape the scorching sun this summer by embarking on a delectable voyage of refreshing flavors, as Tamoka unveils the new cocktail menu. From the shores of the Antilles to the exotic seas of Latin America, Tamoka’s beverages encapsulate the spirit of adventure and the pursuit of extraordinary flavors, making the beachside destination the ideal spot to visit for your thirst-quenching needs. Launching on May 13th, coinciding with World Cocktail Day, the carefully curated menu unfolds as a tale woven within each drink, narrating the legacy of Tamoka’s story. Prepare to indulge in an unrivaled sensory experience as you sample these expertly concocted mixes, each accompanied by its own story.

The new menu delights with a meticulously crafted collection of beverages that take guests on a journey through the rich rum heritage that defines Tamoka’s concept. Each drink has its own story to tell, as described by Captain Bill McCoy himself, scribbled onto the illustrated handwritten journal that transports guests back in time. At the heart of Tamoka’s story lies the inspiration drawn from the legendary rum-running boat of Captain “Bill” McCoy, ‘Tomoka.’ Just like its namesake, Tamoka is dedicated to bringing the exotic flavors of Latin America to the shores of Dubai, creating a vibrant and unforgettable experience for all.

Get introduced with ‘The Real McCoy,’ which contains Grapefruit, Strawberry, Soda and more that tells of the beginning of Captain McCoy as a seaman and yacht builder. Try out ‘Aresthusa’, inspired by the original name of McCoy’s schooner which features splashes of Pimento, Cacao and Fresh Lime. Find some shade while sipping on the ‘Antillean Fizz’, which has aromas of Banana, Spiced Cordial, Soda and more that create an explosion of flavors that capture the treacherous, stormy nature of the Antillean waters. Sip and dine with a loved one while enjoying ‘First Love’, a romantic mix of Pomegranate, HibiscusGrapefruit Soda and more that tells the story of McCoy’s love at first sight – Tamoka.

With its breathtaking beachside location and unrivaled ambiance, Tamoka invites you to indulge in its new menu alongside the delicious cuisine this summer, for the perfect laid-back moments by the sea. Join the Tamokan Tribe this summer and quench your thirst with the remarkable flavors that define Tamoka.


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