Bottling memories: A workshop on perfumery at Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival 2023 

Bottling memories: A workshop on perfumery at Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival 2023 

Children familiarised with different notes and ingredients in a perfume workshop at SCRF            

Sharjah, May 10, 2023

Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival (SCRF 2023) celebrated the art of perfumery and its enticing world with a Perfumery Workshop, capturing the imagination of all who attended, leaving an indelible impression on their senses.

The facilitator, Puthan Purayil introduced to the different notes and ingredients that make up a perfume at the skills workshop, which quickly filled up with a kaleidoscope of scents that ignited the children’s senses.

With droppers and empty bottles, children let their creativity run wild at the blending exercise, carefully selecting their fragrance notes and mixing them together. As the workshop progressed, their confidence grew, and they became more daring with their blends. They experimented with different combinations, driven to create a scent that was truly unique and reflected their personalities.

The facilitator assisted them in bottling their perfumes and applying personalised labels, imparting a professional touch to their creations. The workshop instilled in the children not only the ability to express their creativity, but also valuable skills of attention to detail, patience and persistence, and discovered the joy of working with their hands to create something unique.

They took with them not only a new fragrance but also memories that will last a lifetime. –ENDS-

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