International experts address the challenges of sustainable digital innovation with DCO Space

International experts address the challenges of sustainable digital innovation with DCO Space

From top left, Jan Agri, Senior Advisor at KTH Executive School, Staffan Movin, Senior Advisor at KTH Executive School, Salvatore Moccia from EIT, and Dr. Syed Iftikhar, Digital Research Director at the DCO

Latest episode of DCO Space series, presented in collaboration with the European Institute of Innovation & Technology, discussed the transformative power of sustainable digital innovation

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, May 9, 2023 – The Digital Cooperation Organization (DCO) has hosted the third episode of the DCO Space webinar series, bringing together international experts in sustainability, digital economies, and ICT ecosystems to tackle the challenge of how to create sustainable digital innovation.

The event on 8th May, which was held in collaboration with The European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT), brought together speakers from the DCO, EIT and Sweden’s respected KTH Executive School, to discuss how digital innovation can be focused on empowering growth and sustainability objectives without impacting the climate. Moderated by Salvatore Moccia from EIT, the session featured a distinguished panel of speakers. Jan Agri, a Senior Advisor on Circular Economy at the KTH Executive School, shared invaluable insights gained from years of experience in sustainability, innovation, communication, and international business;  Staffan Movin, a Senior Advisor on System Transformation at the KTH Executive School and renowned author, provided valuable perspectives on digital transformation, ecosystems, ICT, and service development; and, Dr. Syed Iftikhar, Digital Research Director at the DCO, brought his extensive expertise in Information Technology and Data Science to the discussion.

Deemah AlYahya, Secretary-General of the DCO, said that the event marked another milestone in the DCO’s commitment to fostering digital cooperation and driving positive change in the global digital economy.  

“Sustainable digital innovation has the power to transform the global digital economy and drive positive change for nations. By prioritizing sustainability in our digital practices, not only we can protect our planet and society but also unlock new opportunities for growth and progress, particularly in developing nations. Sustainable digital innovation empowers developing countries to leapfrog traditional development pathways and embrace cutting-edge technologies that are economically, environmentally, and socially sustainable,” AlYahya commented.

The DCO Space series of webinars has been created by the DCO to become a vital platform to raise awareness among the global community, with a particular focus on the DCO community around the most important issues for the development of sustainable and inclusive digital economies. With its quarterly series, the DCO covers a wide range of topics within the digital economy, inviting renowned speakers and experts from around the world to share their perspectives and insights.

The latest episode of the DCO Space fostered discussion among DCO Member States, NGOs, and international organizations, aiming to boost sustainable development in countries, especially in developing nations. The webinar addressed key risks posed by ICT to the environment, society, and governance while offering guidelines and solutions to manage these risks sustainably. Moreover, it aimed to enhance the sustainability skills of the audience, enabling them to contribute effectively to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals within their ecosystems.

You can watch the recording of the latest DCO Space session at the following link:

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About the DCO

The DCO is a global multilateral organization founded in November 2020 that aims to enable digital prosperity for all by accelerating the inclusive growth of the digital economy. The DCO brings together the Ministries of Communications and IT of 13 nations – Bahrain, Cyprus, Djibouti, The Gambia, Ghana, Jordan, Kuwait, Pakistan, Oman, Nigeria, Rwanda, Morocco, and Saudi Arabia. – that collectively represent nearly $2 trillion in GDP and a market of nearly 600 million people, more than 70% of whom are under the age of 35.

The DCO is focused on empowering youth, women, and entrepreneurs, leveraging the accelerative power of the digital economy to drive economic growth and increase social prosperity. Through cooperation, dialogue, and the creation of mutually advantageous cross-border legislation, we seek to establish within our member nations the optimal infrastructure and policies for the rapid creation of inclusive and equitable digital economies within which all people, businesses, and societies can innovate and thrive.

In pursuit of our Members’ common interests – for example, in the areas of digital skills training, data protection, intellectual copyright, regulation, taxation, and entrepreneurship – the DCO works collaboratively with governments, the private sector, international organizations, NGOs and civil society to enable more inclusive digital transformation and the growth of digital industries.

The DCO’s key initiatives include programs to enhance cross-border data flows, promote market expansion for SMEs, empower digital entrepreneurs and advance digital inclusion among women and youth, and other underrepresented populations.

More information about the DCO can be found at

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