“SOUL KITCHEN” is where birds of different feathers groove together:

Dubai, May 1st, 2023. Factory People are excited to announce the arrival of “Soul Kitchen” to Dubai, a restaurant-bar designed to feed the soul.

Soul Kitchen is an oasis offering a unique food and drinks menu that fuses Levantine and Latin American flavors; it is a space to discover the best in regional alternative culture, art, and talent.

Located in the heart of the city (Business Bay), Soul Kitchen is an intimate venue that offers premium dining, world class cocktails, an interactive cocktail bar and a breezy terrace. It will feature stellar alternative musical programming and tap into a wide range of artist residencies, all curated by Factory People.

Behind the culinary experience is the story of the Arab diaspora in Latin America. The menu highlights the exchange between these both cultures. Guests can expect an array of dishes modeled around the social dining traditions inherent to these regions, all part of an open-ended adventure for the senses, paired with passionately crafted cocktails and carefully selected wines.

“Soul Kitchen” is a project by Factory People, the most influential experiential group in the MENA region, who have created incomparable experiences that stand the test of time. They run the iconic mega clubs ‘The Grand Factory’ and ‘AHM’ in Beirut, in addition to other restaurants, bars and beach clubs.

With 20 brands and 17 venues in their portfolio, Factory People operate in 3 countries today (Lebanon, Egypt, and the UAE) and maintain strategic global partnerships (UK, France, and Spain).

“Soul Kitchen” is now the first of an upcoming multi-room experience set to disrupt the culinary and music landscape in Dubai. Factory People are thrilled to grow the scene by bringing their innovative concepts to the local community in the UAE.

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