Sheykhar Ravjiani, Visits Global Indian International School in Abu Dhabi

India’s leading Music Composer, Singer and Mentor –
 Sheykhar Ravjiani, Visits Global Indian International School in Abu Dhabi

Conducts Music Masterclass with students

 Renowned music composer, singer and mentor, Sheykhar Ravjiani recently visited Global Indian International School’s (GIIS) Campus in Abu Dhabi. As part of the Leadership Lecture Series initiative by GIIS, Sheykhar interacted with students who were thrilled to meet and greet him in person. This was followed by Masterclass With Sheykhar, a session where selected students are trained and auditioned to be a part of Global Schools – Sheykhar Ravjiani School of Music.

Hailing from Mumbai, Sheykhar is predominantly known for his work in the Indian Film industry and is a part of composer  duo Vishal-Shekhar. He has won many Indian and International awards for his music compositions and was welcomed with a heartfelt performance by students of GIIS.

Sheykhar Ravjiani has been associated with GIIS for many years, and  the Global Schools  – Sheykhar Ravjiani School of Music began in 2020. This marks a first of its kind collaboration between a global education institution and an Indian musician to launch a focused programme to nurture and mentor upcoming talent in the field of music. It’s an excellent expansion in the innovative education offered by GIIS amid student friendly tech infrastructure.

GIIS has long been a supporter of education which is imparted with experiential teaching methodologies. Their 9 GEMS philosophy is a holistic approach to learning that combines in-classroom and out-of-classroom experiences. The Leadership Lecture Series is a continuous effort to invite industry leaders to visit the school and interact with students where they share their experiences and inspire students to understand the world around them. Students have the chance to learn so much more than just Sheykhar’s talent but also his perseverance, dedication and bravery in attempting new things in the field of music.

On his journey with Global Schools Foundation, Shekhar Ravjiani stated that “Global Schools Shekhar Ravjiani School of Music, shares a beautiful vision of discovering and promoting young talent. Our goal is to nurture and mentor exceptionally talented young aspiring singers and musicians…giving them opportunities to flourish and to help them make their mark in the world of music. “

During the Leadership Lecture Series, Shekhar passionately spoke about his own indie-record label – Garuda Musiic which he launched in January 2023.

GARUUDAA MUSIIC is envisioned as a creative platform through which Shekhar composes, sings and collaborates with new artistes. The label is designed to showcase his songs and his unique brand of music along with an incredible reservoir of young talent. In the short span of 3 months the label has already launched 3 hugely successful songs and the 4th song called Vasdaa is slated for release on the 5th of May with many more songs in the pipeline.

Mr. Amol Vaidya, Senior Director Operations, Country Director, UAE and KSA at GIobal Schools Foundation  stated, “At Global Schools Foundation, we strive to encourage & nurture talents of our students through various opportunities and programs. We invest in  partnerships and  initiatives that ensures creating a culture where talent & leadership is celebrated.”

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