Get Ready for a Dairy (r)Evolution! Saudia Milk is Getting a Refresh!

Get Ready for a Dairy (r)Evolution! Saudia Milk is Getting a Refresh!

  • Introducing A Tasty New Look – Saudia Milk Refreshed Branding experience!
  • Time to Taste Tradition – It tastes exactly the same, remains without preservatives

Saudi Arabia, Jeddah, May 8th 2023 – In exciting news, SADAFCO–the leading UHT milk seller and distributor in Saudi Arabia with operations throughout the Middle East–is shaking things up with a bold new look for its much-loved anchor brand Saudia!

Patrick Stillhart, CEO, SADAFCO: “Saudi Arabia is in the middle of its remarkable transformation. We are feeling and seeing this impact everyday. What our customers need and want today is very different from what they needed and wanted in the past. We have always been part of the social fabric of the Kingdom, and only see it fitting to continue to be so. As such this rebrand is the natural exciting evolution of who we are.

Not only is it refreshing all of its dairy and non-dairy milk packaging to keep pace with the rapidly changing nation, but also providing more opportunities for innovative experiences. It will be splashing excitement through variety! As an iconic brand that has been part of their social fabric from day one, this evolution allows Saudia milk to continue emphasizing health and nutrition as core focuses.

Get ready: Vibrant days are ahead and this will be just the beginning!


About Saudia Dairy & Foodstuff Company (SADAFCO):

SADAFCO is a publicly-listed company which has been producing high-quality dairy and foodstuff products under the Saudia brand name since 1977, a year after the company was formed. Saudia enjoys being one of the market leaders in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the production of tomato paste, ice cream and milk.

Based in Jeddah, SADAFCO operates sales and distribution depots in 24 locations across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Jordan, Qatar and Kuwait. Saudia products are also exported to several countries in the MENA region.

For more information about SADAFCO, please visit

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