A collage art workshop at SCRF 2023 encourages youngartists to cut and stick their way to new creations

A collage art workshop at SCRF 2023 encourages young
artists to cut and stick their way to new creations

Children craft innovative collages at a hand making art workshop
at the Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival

Sharjah, May 08, 2023

From music to science, storytelling to robotics, sports to hand making and more, Kids Workshops at the Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival (SCRF 2023) this year, are offering innumerable and invaluable avenues to children of all age groups to explore their interests and discover new talents in them. The ‘Collage Art’ workshop on Sunday morning was one such outlet of creative expression thoroughly enjoyed by a packed room of young artists and creators, who manifested their imaginations with collage-making’s ‘cut and stick’ approach.

Attendees had an array of materials at their disposal, including newspaper and magazine pages, collage making tools, blank sheets of paper, and glue to make their collages at the workshop supervised by Sara Mezher, a seasoned artist with a wealth of experience in collage art.

“The process of hand making art not only fosters children’s artistic development, but also familiarises them with the concept of recycling via some forms of it”, Sara noted highlighting the specific value of added value in teaching them collage making

She also pointed out that besides training young minds, “SCRF’s diverse activities provide children a platform to engage with their peers in creating an inclusive and welcoming space to explore and express themselves for years to come”.

The workshop had a vibrant and dynamic atmosphere, buzzing with the energy of children fully immersed in the process of creating their collages. Some children created unique concepts out of different pictures, calligraphies and shapes and others produced spotless symmetrical shapes.

As with all the children’s tailored activities at (SCRF), hand making workshops provide an opportunity for children to experiment with different techniques and methods, unlock their artistic potential and bring visions to life while training their minds. The 2023 edition has a lot to offer and the activities are going on till May 14th at Expo Center Sharjah.


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