Abu Dhabi Hosts Urology Care Event, Displays Most Recent Breakthroughs

Abu Dhabi Hosts Urology Care Event, Displays Most Recent Breakthroughs

Abu Dhabi, UAE – 6 May 2023: The Interdisciplinary Urology Care Consortium – IUCC 2023, launched its third edition today at the Conrad Etihad Towers in Abu Dhabi.

Leading international medical experts and lecturers from various medical specialties have come together for the two-day event to interact, exchange experiences, and learn about the most recent technologies and industry best practices. The conference’s theme for this year is “Transcending Therapies, Driving Technologies.”

IUCC 2023 discusses the value of utilizing cutting-edge technology in a variety of areas of life and medical care across all specialties, the use of robotics and artificial intelligence, innovative studies into the early detection and treatment of cancer, infectious diseases, and other urological diseases, and modern techniques to enhance patient care.

Dr. Abdulqadir Al-Zarooni, President of the Emirates Urological Society (EUS) and IUCC Co-Chair: “We recognize that every field of medicine is connected, and each specialist brings a unique perspective, skill set, and knowledge that can contribute greatly to the diagnosis and treatment of urological conditions, so this conference is not only about sharing individual experiences but about learning from each other’s practices and expertise. It is about transcending beliefs, breaking down barriers, and driving unity so that we can offer the best patient-centered care possible.”

IUCC’s agenda covers six scientific sessions, presentations, panel discussions, and four workshops on the latest technology and treatment methods in Uro-Andrology, Uro-Radiology and Emergency Medicine, Uro-Technology, Uro-Oncology, Male Infertility, and Sexual Dysfunction, and Uro-Gynaecology and Family Medicine.

Dr. Yasser Farahat, Chairman of Arab School of Urology and IUCC Co-Chair, said: “IUCC is a remarkable event that convenes renowned urological experts from diverse medical disciplines from all over the world to discuss knowledge and advancements in different medical fields. Annually, this event progressively presents more comprehensive and advanced treatment options for patients afflicted by urological conditions.”

IUCC is expecting more than 600 delegates from 20 countries during the event, where more than 60 expert speakers from top medical professionals in various sectors have assembled. The esteemed gathering is a reflection the UAE’s commitment and leading position to provide a better quality of life, equal access to healthcare, and state-of-the-art technology employed in all facets of medical care. The UAE’s healthcare industry constantly expands, providing patients with the most excellent integrated medical care practices.

Prof. Mohsen Elmekresh, Consultant and Head of Urology and Men’s Health, Mediclinic Middle East and IUCC Scientific Chair, said: “Every year now, IUCC is bringing together leading international doctors from various medical fields to conduct discussion sessions and workshops on the latest medical studies in urology and the importance of utilizing cutting-edge technology to advance our scientific studies.”

One of IUCC’s highlights is the accompanying exhibition, which allows leading companies and vendors in the urology industry a platform to showcase their most recent products and advancements. Attendees are given the chance to interact with exhibitors, observe live demonstrations, and learn about the most recent advances in urological care during the event.

The third edition of IUCC is organized by the Arab Association of Urology and Arab School of Urology, supported by the Emirates Urological Society, Dubai Health Authority, and Abu Dhabi Department of Culture and Tourism, and conference secretariat is INDEX PCO, a division of INDEX Conferences and Exhibitions Org. LLC.


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