Sharjah Displays Futuristic Tourism Technologies at ATM 2023, Paving Way for Next-Generation Travel

Sharjah Displays Futuristic Tourism Technologies at ATM 2023, Paving Way for Next-Generation Travel

  • With immersive and interactive technologies like AR, VR and AI, the emirate is transforming tourism industry 
  • Visitors experienced Sharjah’s most iconic attractions coming to life at ATM 2023 through augmented reality

Sharjah, May 5, 2023

The emirate of Sharjah displayed its visionary approach to the tourism industry at the Arabian Travel Market (ATM) 2023, showcasing the future of tourism in the region and beyond. Sharjah pavilion at the event demonstrated cutting-edge technologies and groundbreaking concepts, offering a compelling glimpse into the emirate’s tourist destinations.

Run by Sharjah Commerce and Tourism Development Authority (SCTDA), with the participation of 20 government and private entities, the Sharjah pavilion featured various destinations and a range of tourism experiences. Visitors, including representatives from travel companies, agencies, and ministries, as well as hospitality and entertainment investors, were all drawn to the innovative display of the booth.

Standout features of Sharjah’s participation at ATM 2023 included “Shj AI Guide – Robot” with interactive technology that offered information, pictures, and promotional videos of events, activities, and tourist attractions in the emirate. Communicating with voice and touchscreen commands, in both Arabic and English, the robot provided an engaging and immersive experience, helping visitors to explore the region’s unique offerings.

Another showcase at the pavilion was the Sharjah Formula 1 high-speed team boats to promote the “Sharjah World Championship Week,” one of the most exciting and distinguished water sports events in the emirate and the region. The Sharjah International Marine Sports Club installed a kayak simulator, offering visitors a chance to experience the water sport virtually and explore Sharjah’s various water and sea destinations.

Displaying an exclusive classic Jaguar car, the Sharjah Old Cars Club was among exhibiting entities, offering a 360° Augmented Reality technology that allows visitors to navigate through the Sharjah Classic Cars Museum. The pavilion also featured “Sharjahverse”, the metaverse city encompassing all of Sharjah at 2,590 square kilometres, as well as “Sharjah Museums Experience” to explore the emirate’s 16 museums. Meanwhile, the Environment and Protected Areas Authority (EPAA) provided a fun virtual experience of the Sharjah Safari adventures inside an actual safari car at the pavilion.


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