Modern Pharmaceutical LLC opens new store in Deira Enrichment Project

Modern Pharmaceutical LLC opens new store in Deira Enrichment Project to broaden healthcare delivery network in the country

Dubai, April 25, 2023: Modern Pharmaceutical LLC (MPC), one of the leading healthcare distributors in the UAE, and a part of the Albatha Group, has strengthened its presence in the country with the launch of its latest Modern Pharmacy outlet in Deira Enrichment Project. In addition to the launch, an attached community clinic will be opened in May 2023, further expanding its capacity to provide comprehensive medical care to the public.

The new MPC Modern Pharmacy and Modern Clinic are designed to work in tandem to bring high-quality care closer to the community, and assist patients and customers in attaining optimal health outcomes. With a proud history of over 50 years in the healthcare sector, MPC is recognised for reliable and quality healthcare products and services, and is among the most innovative global healthcare providers. With the latest launch, MPC continues to support the development of the UAE’s healthcare landscape.

MPC values its community members and is committed to building meaningful relationships with them. Their team of professional pharmacists take the time to understand patients’ unique needs and concerns, in order to provide personalised guidance and care that goes beyond simply filling a prescription or recommending over-the-counter medications. With the addition of the Modern Clinic and a team of experienced healthcare professionals, the clinic and pharmacy will work more closely with patients to identify their needs and connect them with the appropriate specialists in the group’s partner network. The move reflects MPC’s belief that good health is a shared journey rather than a one-time transaction.

“The latest additions to our Modern Clinic and Modern Pharmacy estate represent years of hard work and commitment to providing quality healthcare services to our patients and customers. We have constantly strived to empower patients, foster collaboration among healthcare professionals, and deliver personalised care that results in better health outcomes, and the latest move expands on this vision,” Mark James, CEO of MPC Healthcare, stated.

The Modern Pharmacy community drug store, located in Deira Enrichment Project Dubai, UAE, is now open and provides a more accessible and convenient way to access quality healthcare products and services, while the Modern Clinic is set to open its doors to the community in just a few weeks.

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