Axis Communications introduces outdoor-ready sound projectors

Axis Communications introduces outdoor-ready sound projectors

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – April 2023: Axis Communications has introduced a smart, easy-to-integrate speaker, raising the bar for voice messages in both outdoor and indoor environments. With an award-winning minimalistic appearance and excellent sound, it’s ideal for broadcasting live and pre-recorded security and deterrence messages, health and safety instructions, and informational updates – even background music.

AXIS C1610-VE Network Sound Projector continues the Axis tradition of innovating for excellence. This tough, good-looking device is an outstanding alternative to the horn speaker wherever appearance or accessible placement is a key consideration. And thanks to a more natural sound quality, crucial messages are always clear and understandable.

Winner of the Red Dot Award for design, this sleek, IK10-rated vandal-resistant speaker comes with embedded audio management software for scheduling, zoning, and prioritization. It’s built on open standards for easy integration with VoIP telephony, video management systems, and analytics. The sound projector connects to your standard network for a flexible, scalable, and cost-effective solution. It’s also packed with smart features. I/O ports enable integration with systems and devices including PIR sensors, buttons, strobe lights, and more. Additionally, a built-in microphone supports two-way audio communication. Remote health testing assures users their system is working, and the built-in LED offers a visual status confirmation.

Key features include:

  • Sleek, vandal-resistant design
  • All-in-one, outdoor-ready speaker system
  • Connects to standard network
  • Simple installation with PoE
  • Remote health testing

Easy to install and suited for temperatures ranging from -40 to +55°C, it can be mounted on walls, ceilings, or poles wherever appearance matters as much as sound quality.


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