Abu Dhabi Aquatics Club launches the Swim for Life 2023 League

Abu Dhabi Aquatics Club launches the Swim for Life 2023 League

  • In collaboration with Abu Dhabi Sports Council and UAE Swimming Federation, the League will kick off on the April 14, at the Mohamed Bin Zayed City Sports Complex and will continue until mid-December
  • 250 swimmers and 40 coaches of all nationalities, representing 15 private clubs and academies will participate
  • The Swim for Life League aims to accelerate collaboration among local and international stakeholders to increase public interest and participation in swimming and aquatic sports at large

Abu Dhabi – UAE, 13th April 2023: Abu Dhabi Aquatics Club announced the kick off of the first rounds of Abu Dhabi Swim for Life League 2023, which is organized in partnership with the Abu Dhabi Sports Council and the UAE Swimming Federation and will see participation from 300 swimmers and coaches.

Abu Dhabi Swim for Life League is a multi-month series of events that promote swimming and water sports across various age groups. The first event will be held on April 14, and targets young swimmers aged 8 to 14 years. During the league’s rounds, which will last till mid-December 2023, technical workshops will be held to develop coaches’ knowledge of various water sports and accelerate their professional performance.

Humaid Al Hooti, Chairman of Abu Dhabi Aquatics Club, said: “Our priority is to encourage the community to develop an interest in swimming and water sports and adopt a healthier lifestyle in general. Our strategy is aligned with the Abu Dhabi vision to be a hub for sports events and international championships, and we take this opportunity to thank all our partners and organisers for their huge contributions towards making this event a success.”

He continued: “We will partner with national and international stakeholders, to provide solid foundations that enable us to nurture a generation of water sports champions in the UAE, enabling them to pursue their dreams and increase the UAE’s presence at regional and international swimming competitions.”

Abdullah Al-Wahaibi, Head of the Internal Committee at UAE Swimming Federation, said: “The establishment of the Abu Dhabi Aquatics Club will usher in a new era of high calibre swimming events and competitions that will be organized by the club throughout the year. Hosting events like the Swim for Life 2023 League Series – where children teenagers get the chance to compete and improve can be a huge motivator, so we are looking forward to an exciting.”

Abu Dhabi Aquatics Club’s mandate includes training in technical swimming, diving, water polo, high diving, open water swimming, fin swimming, and rescue skills. Besides the world-class training, the club aims to establish a community of water sports volunteers by providing theoretical and practical training for participants. It also collaborates with the UAE Swimming Federation and the various national clubs to develop and train referees and technical staff through facilitating knowledge exchange during sports events and tournaments.


About Abu Dhabi Aquatics Club:

Abu Dhabi Aquatics Club is an Abu Dhabi based water sports club established in 2021 to leverage Abu Dhabi and UAE’s knowledge and experience in water sports. The club was formed under the supervision of Abu Dhabi Sports Council; national Olympics coaches in the club provide world-class water sports training during various events and tournaments across the UAE.

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