Top global influencer scoops up luxury real estate in Dubai; reveals a structural trend

Top global influencer scoops up luxury real estate in Dubai; reveals a structural trend

Famous influencer Nabilla Vergara bought a penthouse in the iconic DAMAC Bay by Cavalli through property advisor Omar Naguib, exemplifying the continued influx of global celebrities into Dubai’s luxury real estate

April 12th , Dubai, UAE: Dubai’s luxury real estate segment continued to find takers among global celebrities, with famous French influencer Nabilla Leona Benattia-Vergara joining a long list of investors. Nabilla Vergara, also the Founder of personal care brand Nabilla Beauty, scooped up a five-million-euro penthouse in DAMAC Bay by Cavalli through trusted advisor Omar Naguib, Founder and CEO of ON Real Estate. 

Vergara’s entry exemplifies a bigger structural trend of global celebrities increasingly investing in Dubai’s sought-after luxury real estate segment. Many recent, reliable studies have predicted the segment to grow further in 2023 by over 10% — higher than other global markets where growth, according to experts, is less likely to reach double digits this year.

Located in Dubai Harbour, between Palm Jumeirah and Bluewaters Island, DAMAC Bay by Cavalli epitomizes luxury real estate. The desirability of such branded residences is also owed to Dubai’s growing stature as an investment safe haven characterized by geopolitical stability, financial security, and sociocultural allure. Such attributes are incentivizing high-net-worth individuals and celebrities such as Nabilla Vergara, who previously bought a luxury property in Al Barari through long-time advisor Omar Naguib and ON Real Estate. 

“Multilingual advisory, exclusive access, and seamless transactions and documentation process continue to influence purchase decisions in Dubai’s luxury real estate segment,” said Omar Naguib, Founder and CEO, ON Real Estate. “Our continued business relationship with Nabilla Vergara is predicated on those factors. As advisors, we don’t just provide access to properties and facilitate transactions; we strive to offer delightful experiences, giving prospective buyers an opportunity to be part of our elite community.”

Sharing the specifics of her homebuying experience, Nabilla Vergara said that Dubai has positioned itself strategically in the global economy, encouraging people across cultures, ethnicities, and professions to consider the city in the context of their long-term aspirations and residency. “I ascribe a sense of home to Dubai. Ever since I first set foot here, the city has steadily, positively, and immensely contributed to my business prospects and lifestyle. So, as I enter the next phase of my life, bearing in mind the well-being of my family, buying a property in Dubai was a pragmatic decision. My gratitude to Omar Naguib and ON Real Estate for the seamless homebuying experience,” Vergara concluded. 

About ON Real Estate

The genesis of On Real Estate brokerage was in January 2022 in Dubai, with the commencement of full-scale operations a couple of months later. The company has since built an impressive platinum portfolio, which is marked by a comprehensive range of market-leading real estate products and services. Since its inception, On Real Estate has been delivering outstanding results in the property brokerage industry.

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