Akar completes Dh70 Million Port de La Mer project in Dubai’s beachfront district of Jumeirah

Akar completes Dh70 Million Port de La Mer project in Dubai’s beachfront district of Jumeirah

United Arab Emirates, April 10, 2023: Leading landscaping contractor Akar Technical Services has successfully completed work at Port de La Mer project valued at Dh70 million in Dubai, UAE- positively contributing to the country’s ever-expanding real estate portfolio. The project is a part of the 9.5 million sq ft comprehensive development across Dubai’s beachfront district of Jumeirah, which aims to enhance the social and economic capabilities of Dubai as a region and set new global benchmarks for beachfront developments.

As part of the project, soft landscaping work included more than thousand trees (big and small) planted to form a green belt along the roadsides of the area, and more than forty thousand shrubs were planted across the four district zones. Approximately fifty thousand ground covers and nearly five thousand climbers/grasses, too, have been used to transform the sparse space into a rich tapestry of textures, shapes and continual color.

While hardscaping encompassed elements like installation of precast concrete kerbs; porcelain paver, clay paver, clay paver banding, clay paver banding, granite banding, precast concrete pavers, precast concrete banding, granite banding, decomposed gravel, play area surface (sand), pots, shade structure and water feature have been accomplished by the contracting firm to create an ideal combination of dry and water hardscapes that can not only improve the livability and beauty, but also provide a contemporary design which is incredibly durable, skid-resistant, stain-resistant, and easy to maintain.

Speaking about the project, Adnan Nalwala, executive director, Akar Technical Services, said, “Our efforts have been concerted to enhance the aesthetic appearance and beauty of the area through implementing best practices in a way that lives up to the status of Dubai as an international hub. Our firm uses cutting-edge technologies and innovative methods to implement its landscaping projects across the city. At the core, Akar’s landscaping projects aim to achieve the sustainability of the country, improve air quality and boost the community’s mental and overall physical well-being.”

Highlighting the importance of technical aspects of the project, Raja Subedi, Director, Akar Technical Services, stated. “Our emphasis on sound project management and ensuring that all technical matters are addressed in due course has enabled us to execute this project. This would have not been possible without the support of the consultants and client on site.”

Lastly to illuminate the area, improving the beauty, safety and security of the Port de La Mer, landscape lights to the tune of approximately fifteen hundred, strips and cables have been installed by Akar to let the visitors and residents enjoy their outdoor living spaces after the sun goes down.

About Akar:

Akar offers high quality expertise in the fields of Landscaping (Soft & Hard), Irrigation, Swimming Pools, Fountains, Water Features and Theming and Artificial Rockwork. Akar is backed by its parent company, Al Yusr International LLC Muscat, an excellent grade contracting company in Oman, established since 1975. Over the last two decades, Akar has made rapid strides and established itself as a leading player in the fields of Building Materials Trading, Landscaping, Irrigation and Installation of high quality Swimming Pools, Fountains and Water Features.

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