XBorg and Team BDS team up for Web3 project to createthe future of esports on a global scale

XBorg and Team BDS team up for Web3 project to create
the future of esports on a global scale

Dubai UAE, 30 March, 2023: XBorg, a leading Web3 gaming protocol, has announced that it will partner with Team BDS, one of the fastest-growing esports organizations in the world, to create the most innovative esports project to date, involving the development of a groundbreaking application that integrates the cutting-edge technology of digital identity, thereby providing fans with unparalleled opportunities for engagement.

The objective of this alliance is to create the ultimate experience for players and fans, by combining gaming with blockchain technology and reinventing the roles of everyone in the esports ecosystem. XBorg is developing a gamified platform where players and fans can engage with their favourite communities and esports teams. To achieve this goal, the project is focused on three key outcomes: to pave the way for new loyalty programs, to strengthen the user-brand relationship, and to enrich digital fan experiences.

Fans will be able to create their digital identity via a gamified avatar system and experience new ways to support their team and connect with others. The app employs a Web3 framework that utilizes non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to represent the avatars, imbuing them with a sense of authenticity. Additionally, by monetizing certain aspects of the app, Team BDS can generate a new stream of revenue that further enhances the sustainability and growth of their enterprise.

XBorg and Team BDS will collaborate with two leading Web3 companies to strengthen their product offering — The Sandbox, to provide fans with unique and exclusive experiences in the Metaverse and Avatarz, with which fans will be able to create their digital identity through their personal avatar.

Louis Regis, Founder and CEO at XBorg commented: “Our partnership with Team BDS is an important step in our mission to dismantle power asymmetries within the gaming industry. We are thrilled to make our technological solutions available to them and offer a superior virtual experience to their fans and develop their digital identities. This collaboration will inspire esports teams to be more open to Web3 technology to better understand, engage, retain, and reward their fans. This 360° experience fully values engagement, while giving themselves access to revenue streams.”

According to Jocelyn Roux, Managing Director of Team BDS: “Always at the forefront of digital innovation, after launching its game on Roblox and unveiling the first jersey generated by AI with French football club Olympique de Marseille, Team BDS is now determined to leverage the opportunities offered by Web3. This partnership offers a new perspective for us, introducing the release of virtual spaces and unprecedented experiences for the club. This new technology will have a significant impact on the overall commercial strategy of the structure and on how we interact with our fans. We are thrilled to partner with XBorg, which aims to create a new connection between us and our community of fans, helping the club integrate blockchain technology into its engagement strategy.”

The integration of Web3 technology in the gaming and esports industry is rapidly gaining momentum. The sector has attracted a total of $5.4B in funding in 2022, with GameFi funding increasing by 83% compared to 2021. This trend is also reflected in the impressive figures of the gaming industry, with a total value of $197 billion, and the esports industry, which is valued at $1.4 billion. These numbers demonstrate the significant potential of Web3 in revolutionizing these industries.

The MENA region is one of the fastest-growing in the blockchain and related technologies space, with a 48% increase in 12 months and the potential to represent up to 15% ($13.5 trillion) of the global GDP by 2025, according to the World Economic Forum.

Given the strong growth of esports audiences among young people, this partnership and those that follow will contribute to maintaining the sector’s expansion.

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About XBorg

XBorg is a leading Web3 esports organization, focused on empowering players and fans through the integration of blockchain technology within the gaming industry. Enabling players to build their gaming identity on-chain and allowing fans to play a vital role in esports organizations. As a pioneer in Web3 gaming, XBorg already has over 10,000 players building their gaming reputation via an innovative quest system. It holds the #1 spot across many Web3 esports titles, and is the organiser of the Xtreme Championship Series, the largest Web3 esports league.

XBorg is powered by SwissBorg, a Swiss-based crypto app revolutionizing wealth management with 750,000 users with presence in the UAE.

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