• WOW Beauty unveils its new brand identity as part of its commitment to celebrating the rich heritage and culture of the GCC region.
  • The brand aims to target young and contemporary consumers in the GCC with a specific focus on Saudi customers
  • WOW Beauty’s Ramadan campaign features top local talent and influencers with @makeupbyfotot as the face of the campaign

WOW Beauty, a Chalhoub Group brand specialising in high quality and performance makeup, announced a total rebrand and shift in focus to cater to the elevated, young and contemporary Arab consumer aged between 20 and 30. With 82% of its business in Saudi Arabia, the brand is hyper-focused on the Saudi consumer to ensure it resonates with the region.

Initially launched in the market in 2015, WOW Beauty was built by Chalhoub Group as a brand by the region, for the region. WOW Beauty aims to reposition itself as an entry-selective brand that celebrates inclusivity and diversity while being proud of its culture and roots, empowering self-expression and embracing the Khaleeji heritage.

Forat Al Haider, Head of Beauty Innovation at Chalhoub Group commented: “When we created the brand in 2015, we were always keen to provide high-quality make-up products that cater to the needs of the modern Khaleeji consumer. Our new brand identity offers a storytelling comepetitive edge in the ever evolving beauty market, with a focus on superior products tailored to the lifestyle and the climate of the region. Wow Beauty is from the region for the region.”

WOW Beauty is rebranding with the launch of the its Ramadan campaign, featuring key GCC talents, including well-known regional Bahraini makeup guru and influencer, Makeup by Fotot as the face of the campaign along with the makeup works of Emirati makeup artist mariamartistt and jhajhamakeupartist. The campaign outfits were designed by Illi, a local abaya brand and showcased exclusive artwork designed by local fashion house – Pearla – showcasing the brand’s commitment to celebrating Arabian culture and empowering local brands. The campaign video was shot by well-known Emirati photographer, Saeed Khalifa along with videographer  Bala Ochangco at Bab Al Shams – a local Emirati treasure that is reflective of WOW Beauty’s new identity.

The WOW Beauty new Ramadan makeup kits are now available at all Faces Beauty stores in KSA and UAE and online at


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