Exclusive Interview with Daria Russkikh

Daria Russkikh’s project “Inner Planet” is a celebration of values of goodness, openness and rapprochement

Daria Russkikh’s paintings are letters of beauty and love written with the alphabets of Abstract art with an Augmented Reality effects

Dubai UAE March 06,2023:

Beautiful tales and basic human values, arranged in attractive formations, spread from the folds of the paintings and artworks of the artist, Daria Russkikh. These are converted into vibrating artistic abstractions that merge symbols and exquisite concepts, and covered by amazing colorful stories that the artist elaborately creates to furnish spaces where she can express her feelings and narrate her being as she works and adds, she said in this interview.

The artist, who keeps coming back to Dubai to participate in various art exhibitions and events, described her work as “a mixture of feelings that depicts the aesthetical values of brotherhood, love, goodness, friendship, happiness, harmony and openness”. She expressed her belief that “Dubai has become a world destination for creativity and a preferred destination for innovators, thanks to the city’s potential, incentives as well as Dubai’s cultural diversity”.

The dialogue with the artist revolved also around her artistic visions and the nature of her art project “Inner Planet”. The project is made up of 9 works that were showcased in a special pavilion at “World Art Dubai” 2023 which was held at the Dubai World Trade Centre during from 9th to 12th March.

Question : It seems clear that you have a great attachment to the doctrine of abstract art, but you add some suspense to these realms, by utilizing these modern technological elements. How do you justify your attachment to this technique, and why are you passionate about adding these digital artistic techniques?

Answer : I am an artist who is fascinated by the magic of abstraction and related doctrines, because abstraction combines the essence of our thoughts, the philosophy of our lives, and our stories and concepts in intense powerful expressive artistic templates and references. These can transport us into magical planets and worlds to contemplate and think. In addition, I was keen at instilling a special spirit in my art itself and orientation, to make my works shine. I dressed my pieces in modern styles, and kept pace with digitization, so that the content of messages is eloquent. I also mixed technology and other new modern art techniques in the texture and gems by employing Augmented Reality to make members of the audience who receive the work live in a state of deep enjoyment especially because of these values and symbolism. Certainly, with this creative approach, I was trying to narrate our individual and collective human stories, in variations and forms rich in meaning and the beauty of amazement. Indeed, this is what the visitor to my pavilion at the “World Art Dubai” will see. Those who look closely into my 9 paintings that make up my project “Inner planet”, can explore all these elements.

Question: A few months ago, you organized a private exhibition and auction, which included a first batch of paintings in your project “Inner planet”, and now you are coming to Dubai again, to participate in the “Dubai World Art“ exhibition after completing all the paintings of the project. What is the reason for choosing Dubai specifically to display your creativity?

Answer: There is no doubt that Dubai has become a global art destination. The city is bringing together various experiences, and offering incentives to creative people from all over the world, and thanks to its famous exhibitions, stimulating environment, and the city’s atmosphere of cultural convergence and openness to others – a trend that is taking root in Dubai – everyone is keen to attend the city’s creative activates and exhibitions. Indeed, Dubai now is an ideal platform for anyone seeking international exposure. The city is the best place to introduce the value of one’s creation, because of the city’s stimulating creative environment with significant capabilities. Moreover, artists from all over the world reside in the city. This offers a chance to learn more experiences, connect with diverse experts. This also open the horizon for artists to exchange knowledge. For all this, I continue to attend and visit Dubai events to launch new business, and this is my third initiative and event within the city.

Art Messages

Question: What are the subjects of your favourite paintings, and what is the message you want to convey?

Answer: My paintings are rich in meanings, messages and high human values. The paintings are a letter of love, friendship, goodness, beauty and happiness written in culturally high-end colourful alphabets with poignant impact due to the usage of Augmented Reality. The art pieces seek comfort, peace and reassurance for the soul and try to explode our creative energies. In the realm of my paintings, I try to address the depths of the human self and narrate our entanglements, emotional swings, differences and compatibilities, our joy and sadness, our strength and weakness, our uniqueness, loneliness and our humanity. An enjoyable journey to our deepest selves and the realms of knowledge, and I borrow wings to fly in my imagination, creativity and open readings as I invest in the dichotomy of (physical and digital) art to formulate my ideas.

Content and Purpose

Question: What is the main goal and purpose of your art project “Inner Planet”?

Answer : The meaning of “inner planet” in this project of mine, and the purpose these series of works are trying to seek, is in reality, nothing but “the planet of human happiness”. Also, my main humane message is to seek goodness and the strongest reassurance to humanity, to tear down the gates of torment, to expel the fear of hunger and poverty and to spread the fragrance of love. This is the planet that I call for us to build, explore and spread its lights. I have worked deeply on this core message in my project, describing the beauty of the world and the constant splendour within, despite the rapid changes taking place around. This is, in general, an art project full of immersive experiences, which fly on the wings of abstraction and see the world with eyes of beauty and wonder.

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