British artist Toma Stenko is releasing her exhibition entitled “The Color of Love” in “World Art Dubai 2023”

Highlighting Dubai as a “meeting point for artists from all over the world as well as a bridge for cultural exchange.”

British artist Toma Stenko is releasing her exhibition entitled “The Color of Love” in “World Art Dubai 2023”

DUBAI- 7-3-2023

“There is no creative activity that is more impactful and more influential than art, in paving the way for the meeting of civilizations, spreading the scent of human love and cementing ethnic convergence”, according to the British artist Toma Stenko, She affirms that the special charm of art seems distinct and unique within horizons of Dubai, which is a fascinating global creative metropolis, that attracted her, as she says, to the extreme limits, through its brilliant features of creativity, in addition to its embrace of world cultures, its celebration of cultural diversity, and its reinforcement of the foundations of humanity’s brotherhood.

As all these factors and facts made her keen to seize the first possible opportunity to participate in Dubai’s creative programs and prestigious art exhibitions, as her quest was ultimately crowned in her success in participating in the “World Art Dubai 2023” exhibition, which is organized between 9 and 12 March, where Toma through her exhibition held under the title “The Color of Love” presented by “Catherine Levin Gallery” from the United Kingdom, depicts the glow of human love through abstract plastic paintings, each painting expresses the melody of the life themes and values addressed by the artist through the titles of each painting, as: “Passion”, “Touch”, and “Breaths of Spring”. Toma explains the details and content of her paintings: “This collection of my paintings, is rich in feelings, eternal abstract knowledge, and lightness that is guided by unvarnished pure love, allowing us to see the world through a different, very deep and multi-faceted perspective. those paintings simulate and resemble the very essence of Dubai and its insistence on dedication to devote love, kindness, and beauty.”

Worlds and Passion

Toma Stenko, born in Georgia, lives in London, and has been organizing exhibitions in Europe and Asia for many years. She has mastered the ABCs and spirit of art and its basics by honing her artistic talent that she possessed since childhood, then by specialized academic studies at the St. Marinis College in London 15 years ago, where she settled afterwards in England and established her own gallery there. Toma explains her background and approach: “My passion for painting is inexhaustible. Painting is my first expressive tool to express the value and importance of love. I paint to celebrate the beauty of love in this world and to convey the sublime and noble message of art. I started making professional paintings just six years ago. I derive their themes from reality, memory, constant learning, readings, experiences, and interaction with others. I also enjoy painting nature and its elements. Currently, I am very attached, to drawing horses and embodying their aesthetics.”

Toma’s Gallery in Dubai will open soon

Great joy fills the heart and soul of Toma for her participation in the “World Art Dubai” exhibition, as it is her first in this global metropolis and in the UAE, a pioneer in the fields of thought and culture. She points out that in the near future she intends to open her own gallery in Dubai, “the city of dreams” as her son calls it. She continues: “Those who possess the cornerstones of creativity and culture will undoubtedly lead the world and become its main protagonists and directors. This applies perfectly to the UAE, which has succeeded in making culture and art a lifestyle choice and approach that colors all the paths and directions of work and development that is undergoing. What is noteworthy is that creativity, in all its forms and schools, never fails to innovate and renew in the arms of Dubai, within the UAE, drawing its map of uniqueness and innovation, which qualifies the city to be a center of creativity and culture in the world, deservedly. For all of these reasons, and in light of Dubai’s high status in the fields of creativity, as well as its other aspects, it has become the ambition of any artist or writer in our world to open their own headquarters or art gallery in it, as it is through it that they will achieve the best global outreach and learn from all experiences. Based on this, I intend to proceed with the implementation of plans and requirements for launching my own gallery in Dubai, which will be a window from which I can showcase the cultures of the world and tell the story of love through my colors and formations”.

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