The Young Investors Competition offers high school students (13-18 years)

The Young Investors Competition offers high school students (13-18 years) a chance to develop theoretical financial expertise and practical investment skills

Back for its second edition, the Young Investors Competition offers high school students (13-18 years) an extraordinary opportunity to develop theoretical financial expertise and practical investment skills. Founded by Dubai International Academy student Dhruv Meisheri, YIC, with over 1,200 participants from 27 countries in its previous edition, is now the largest investment competition in Asia and the second largest in the world.

This innovative challenge is designed to bridge the gap between financial education and practical experience for students around the world. Participants do not need any prior financial or business knowledge to join the competition, only a passion for learning. YIC is held entirely online, making it accessible to students from around the world. Hale Education Group, which has helped UAE students secure admission to all eight Ivy League universities, Stanford ten years in a row, and secure over 170 Million AED in scholarships, will be serving as the exclusive sponsor of the event, which is free for all students interested in participating.

In order to enter the competition which will run from 30 March-16 April, interested individuals need to form a team of two to four participants. Participating teams will be required to develop an investment strategy for fictional clients while having access to a wide range of resources, in order to help them develop their strategies and improve their skills and knowledge of the financial industry. The top ten teams will present their ideas to a panel of esteemed judges.

The inspiration behind YIC’s creation lay in Dhruv Meisheri’s own struggles to find practical experience in financial literacy as a high school student. He realized a gap in the school’s curriculum on financial education and a need for students to gain hands-on experience in making informed decisions in future endeavors.

“Financial literacy is crucial in today’s world and I want to empower young people with the necessary skills to succeed in the financial industry,” says Meisheri.

While the competition itself is free to join, it offers many prizes, including certificates, cash rewards, internships, and global recognition. With the competition attracting students from around the world, it is an excellent platform to network and learn from other like-minded students. YIC seeks student student ambassadors from schools from across the region, who can submit their interest on the competition website. “This is a wonderful opportunity for students not only to engage in an exciting, competitive learning experience in the field of personal finance, but to enhance the strength of their university applications,” says Peter Davos, Founder and CEO of Hale Education Group.

For more information on the Young Investors Competition and to register, visit, and on Hale Education,

Registration deadline: March 29, 2023

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