New Restaurant Launch: Susan’s Baking Company

Explore Downtown Dubai’s Newest Cozy yet Chic Addition – Susan’s Baking Company, Serving Well-known American Style Sweets and Eats

From Chicago to Dubai, Susan’s Baking Company takes the city by storm with freshly baked American-style pies, classic American dishes and more

March 2023, Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Susan’s story of butter, flour, eggs and sugar started in Chicago, Illinois where a passionate baker was born. Susan grew up watching her mother bake from the heart – using only the finest ingredients based on the season’s fresh produce. That being the beginning of her journey, kept her baking for family and friends.

The American expat left her life in Illinois to move to the UAE in the 1980s and ever since, she has been dreaming of showcasing her family heritage – the recipes her mother passed on to her. Now, the home baker has opened a cozy yet chic bakery and restaurant in the heart of Downtown, Dubai – Susan’s Baking Company.

From the flaky apple pies to the creamy banana puddings, Susan’s Baking Company is offering the taste of an authentic American household to foodies in Dubai. The aroma of freshly baked goods and comfortable seating, both indoors and outdoors is guaranteed to teleport you to a bakery in Susan’s home city in Chicago.

The cakes are baked traditionally, with the exact same love her family put into their baking. Susan has been baking special for every season – the Blueberry Pie baked with fresh, handpicked blueberries from the farmlands of Illinois, her favorite Key Lime Pie that she believes is the perfect dessert for every occasion and the Classic American Pecan Pie made from Georgia’s finest pecans, perfected by her family’s inherited secret recipe. Now, all these delicacies and more are offered at the bakery.

The brand promises to offer a true authentic American experience that would take people back home. Only sticking to using premium ingredients like freshly picked fruits, nuts, and high-quality chocolate, she believes in baking with her heart.

If you are looking for a breakfast spot with outdoor seating before winter is over, Susan’s has a plethora of unique dishes to try out. Weekend mornings have Susan’s fans flocking the eatery for their community-loved Susan’s All-Day American Breakfast, the Hungry Man American Breakfast, or the Mexican Sun – a delicious pan filled with all our breakfast favorites: Sunny side eggs, beef Sausage, capsicum mix, carrots, and tomato salsa, served with homemade sourdough bread.

Prefer to start your mornings simple, with a cup of coffee? We can vouch for Susan’s Taro Latte, a blend that is naturally sweet – owing to the presence of the taro leaf in the coffee. On the sweeter side, you can treat yourself to any of Susan’s Sweet Beginnings, such as the chef’s favorite Rhubarb Pancake, deliciously topped with dreamy cheesecake filling and fresh strawberries!

Not much of an early bird? Susan’s has you covered for lunch and dinner too. Go for Susan’s iconic Chicago’s Deep-Dish Pizza. With just the right amount of cheese and their special homemade sauce, this signature dish melts in your mouth, promising to give you a taste of Chicago! For something a little lighter, you can also opt for the Everything Chopped Bowl or the Beef Pastrami Bagel. Have that with a side of perfectly baked potatoes, and you’re good to go! Finish your meal and satisfy your dessert cravings with some comforting classics, such as the Classic American Pecan Pie, crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. Alternatively, if you prefer something fruity, the Blueberry Cheesecake provides you with the ideal dessert with the perfect amount of sweetness. Susan’s got it all!

Take a trip to Chicago as Susan’s allows you to immerse yourself in a serene setting. In addition to the beautiful greenery in and around the café, the lovely wall art and mosaic floors elevate the aesthetic and make Susan’s the perfect place to either dine or catch up with a friend over a cup of coffee.  Wherever you’re from, you’re welcome at Susan’s and the team makes sure you know it with a larger-than-life map, pinned to the wall where guests can literally pin where they’re from!

With her ample experience and time spent in the UAE, Susan also often experiments with Emirati flavors, and one of her biggest hits has been the Dates and Pecan Pie. The fusion dessert makes for the perfect gift during Ramadan.

Bigger groups and entities can enjoy and savor Susan’s delicacies too, as Susan’s delights with a catering service with both sweet and savory options.

If you are looking to get an authentic taste of American desserts and visit a homey bakery, pass by their newly opened location, and say hi to Susan, who is often there to greet visitors with her warm-hearted hospitality.

Susan’s Baking Company in Dubai is open from 7 am to 10 pm on weekdays, and 7 am to 12 am on weekends, and you can call them on 04-3753281. For their full menu, visit their Instagram page @susansbakingco and don’t forget to follow them for updates on all the new dishes and desserts they have to offer.

Susan’s delivers across the UAE and is available online on Deliveroo in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Opening hours:

Weekdays – 7 am to 10 pm

Weekends – 7 am to 12 am

Bookings: 04-3753281

Location: Downtown, Dubai

About Susan’s Bakery: Susan’s Baking Co. is an American bakery serving classic American cakes, pies, and meals in a comfortable rustic setting, located in the heart of Downtown Dubai. Susan’s is the brainchild of a passionate pastry chef, born and raised in Illinois, who grew up watching her mother bake. That being the beginning of her journey, kept her baking for her family & friends – and now opening a brand-new concept called Susan’s Baking Co in the heart of Downtown Dubai. Inspired by cities across America, the menu boasts some of the state sides’ most beloved and well-known cakes and eats. Susan’s offers a true American experience that would take people back home. 

Susan’s Bakery:





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