The Winner of PTV Music title 2019 Mr. Moeed Hashmi in an exclusive Interview

Dubai most loved singer Moeed Hashmi reveals his story of success

Moeed Hashmi is one of the very famous singers in Dubai. He was the Winner of PTV Music title 2019

Born back in Pakistan, Moeed Hashmi developed a love for music at an early age. From singing the Islamic songs to the era and king of Bollywood concerts Moeed entertains local audiences and create a sensation every time whenever he do live singing in the renowned cafes of Dubai.

From a very early age he used to recite Naat (Islamic Songs). This childhood experience helped him to shape his musical journey and as a teenager he was already writing his own music and performing at various events in his home town.

At the age of 18 he decided to pursue his career as a singer and he became a master in it. Moeed has been awarded with several tittles in the field of music. He won awards in National Youth Carnival, Hi Tech Olympiad, Radio Pakistan. Also, he was declared as the Winner of PTV music tittle in 2019 among 1 lakh 24 thousand participants. He is also a gold medallist in the winner of APMC 2021. He considers Janab Nusret Fateh Ali Khan as his music idol. He has performed in many international shows as well.

When Moeed decided to begin touring, his guitar skills, soulful voice and haunting lyrics immediately gathered a loyal fan base around him. His style of music is not just limited to romantic but is also influenced by rock and sufi too. The melodic mix creates a distinctive sound that intrigues and transports his listeners. He seems larger than life on stage with his music penetrating into hearts and souls.

Moeed said to that “I feel glad that the audience of Dubai love me and my concerts so much. I am here at this stage just because of family, friends and last but not the least my beloved fans who supported me throughout in my shows and concerts”

“I have been singing for over 10 years and performing in front of large crowds is something that I am very comfortable with. I have performed at a variety of venues, from small coffee shops to large arenas. I love the energy and excitement of being on stage and connecting with an audience. I also understand the importance of engaging with the crowd and making sure everyone feels included, He added”

Moeed also spoke about his challenges “When performing, one of the biggest challenges I face is maintaining my energy and enthusiasm throughout a performance. As a singer, it’s important to stay connected with the audience and keep them engaged in the music. To do this, I have to make sure that I’m constantly giving my all on stage, no matter how long the show may be. Another challenge I often face is staying focused during a performance. It can be easy to get distracted by the lights or the crowd, but I always try to focus on the music and the message I’m trying to convey. This helps me stay present and ensure that I’m delivering an authentic performance.”

His dream is to perform in a local charity event. He believes that it is important to give back to the community and support local charities. As a singer, he thinks he has a unique opportunity to use his talents to help those in need. Performing at charity events allows him to do just that. Not only does it provide entertainment for attendees, but it also helps raise awareness and funds for the cause. Furthermore, he said “I find great joy in being able to bring people together through music and create an enjoyable atmosphere. Therefore, if given the opportunity, I would be more than happy to perform at a local charity event.”

Moeed’s performance style is best described as dynamic and engaging. He strive to create an atmosphere of energy and excitement for the audience, while also connecting with them on a personal level. His goal is to make sure that everyone in the room feels like they are part of the show.

He has experience performing in various settings, from large arenas to small intimate venues. No matter what size crowd he is playing for, he always brings the same enthusiasm and passion to every performance. He loves to interact with the audience, taking requests and creating an unforgettable experience for everyone involved.

He ended the conversation by telling about his strength which is his family support. He stated that “Music has been my passion so I keep myself busy with it whenever he is away from home and to pursue one’s passion one also has to sacrifice things like being away from family and dear friends but thanks to social media this distance has been decreased to a great extent as I keep in touch with them every min of the day!”

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