The inaugural season of DRO premier league cricket tournament

The inaugural season of DRO premier league cricket tournament has come to a brilliant conclusion after a three week league match days as DRO Tuskers are crowned champions after an unbeaten run in the tournament. The winning team led by captain Riyas Baree are owned by Prominent insurance, Quick supermarket groups, Mr. Sreekanth & Mr. Giridhar Dikshit.

The Winner’s cup was handed over to the captain by Mr. Mohammed Raees, Managing Director of Artsmart Advertising LLC. DRO Kings led by Sajid Hameed and owned by Marwan contract and hospitality furnishings, Plantscape LLC, Mill Fabrication LLC & Mr. Siraj Ismail won the runners-up trophy for the first edition of the premier league. Basavaraj was named Player of the tournament as well as Best Bowler while Sajid Hameed bagged the best batsman award.

The league which was played on 5th,12th and 19th of February 2023 consisting of four teams is an inter-community league played between the best cricketing talents within the DRO community. DRO Spartans owned by Vikrant, Rohit, Balraj and DRO Patriots owned by Waqas Ali,Shakeel and Aasef were the other teams that participated in the league.

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