StratHealth Pharma’s women wellness event sheds light on women sexual health

StratHealth Pharma’s women wellness event sheds light on women sexual health

Dubai, U.A.E, 18th February 2023: StratHealth Pharma, an affiliate of the global healthcare conglomerate CCL Life Sciences, organized a women wellness event focusing on women sexual wellness and health at the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery Hospital.

While sexual health is an important aspect of a women’s well-being and it is vital for the overall health of a woman, it is a topic not spoken about frequently, and it is against this background that StratHealth Pharma brought together health specialists to share their expertise on aspects pertaining to women sexual wellness, and the challenges they face.  

The aim of this event was to provide a holistic understanding of women’s sexual health and to help women feel good about themselves; at this event, experts Dr. Nadia Buhannad, Psychologist, American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery Hospital, Dr. Manal Ibrahim, Head of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Gargash Hospital and Chanda Lokendra, CEO, Lizzom delivered presentations on psychological aspects of women in sexual health related issues, female sexual dysfunctions and gynecological aging and its impact on the personal health and mental wellness of women respectively.

During her presentation, Dr. Manal Ibrahim said, “On a daily basis we see patients complaining about this – sexual dysfunctions, even though it is more common in women than in men, yet it is less frequently talked about, especially within the Middle East community, it is considered not appropriate to speak about it, but we need to spread the message that it is important to talk about it, and it is not a shame talking about it. Almost 30-60% of women go through sexual dysfunction problems; however only 20% of women actually seek help.”

“Each woman has her own standard of sexual desire, and she should know it. Sexual drive is not about sex, per se. It is about your thoughts, your mind, your emotions, your spirit, and your lifestyle as well, that’s why there are so many psychological reasons why some women don’t have high libido. Your state of mind and beliefs, cultures and expectations of how women should be can affect your sexual drive”, commented Dr. Nadia Buhannad.

Afrin Emamsha, Marketing Manager, StratHealth Pharma, said, “We are absolutely delighted to have so many key women wellness professionals in the country at this event. Women’s sexual health is a topic often regarded as a taboo, but it is important for women to be educated about their sexual health, and how the issues that affect their well-being can be addressed. However, many women feel embarrassed to talk about this topic with their doctors. Psychological factors like past traumatic sexual experiences, depression, anxiety and stress may also affect a woman’s sexual health.”

Sharing insights on gynecological aging, Chanda Lokendra said, “What I speak to you comes from my personal experience from meeting and communicating with women whom I meet on a daily basis. Menopause, sexual dysfunction and urinary incontinence are some of the key issues associated with gynecological aging. In my opinion, women aging is in stage 2 or 2.5, we haven’t reached the stage where we have discovered everything about ourselves and found the ways to deal with it or delay it. Your sexual and mental wellness is the most important.”

Keeping in mind the challenges women face, StratHealth Pharma developed its latest offering – Moresense intimate gel is 100% natural, produced with high quality standards to enhance feminine intimacy. It helps women to feel more pleasure. A healthy sex life can help boost a woman’s self-esteem, emotional well-being and general health.

About StratHealth Pharma –

Strathealth Pharma is a concern of the global healthcare conglomerate CCL Life Sciences. Offering a diverse suite of products ranging from personal well-being to healthcare, we aim to serve a billion households and become your trusted global healthcare partner.

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