Experience Turkish Cuisine at its Finest as you Embark on a Culinary Journey of Discovery at Lalezar

Experience Turkish Cuisine at its Finest as you Embark on a Culinary Journey of Discovery at Lalezar

Located in the heart of Downtown Dubai with picturesque views of the magnificent Burj Khalifa, Lalezar Turkish restaurant offers diners authentic Turkish cuisine with a modern twist

Paying homage to the rich culture and traditions of this historic nation, Lalezar transports guests to another realm of gastronomic brilliance on every visit

Dubai, UAE (15 February 2023): An authentic culinary journey awaits you at Lalezar Turkish restaurant as you explore an array of Turkish cuisine complemented by breath-taking views of Downtown Dubai and the glittering Burj Khalifa. A perfect harmony of Turkish traditional delicacies along with contemporary presentation combine to make this wonderful eatery a realm of food and sensory luxury. Boasting a menu jam-packed with Turkish and Mediterranean classics with touch if international signature dishes, world-renowned Turkish hospitality, and eye-catching décor, Lalezar guarantees satisfaction beyond all your expectations, no matter the occasion.

Each intricate detail in this haven of fine dining excellence has been thought out to ensure guests have a truly unforgettable experience. The name itself “Lalezar” comes from the Turkish for “tulip garden”, which appeared only in the most elegant of palaces and mansions gardens after the 16th century. This name is quite apt as the venue exquisitely blends a perfect level of sophistication and class in everything it does, from the extensive menu to the majestic setting.

Guests can look forward to a wide array of both traditional dishes alongside some modern taste sensations that will be sure to keep their mouth-watering from the first bite to the last. Some of the tempting items on offer include a succulent Beef Wellington made utilising an original recipe and cooking techniques, Handmade pasta that is created from scratch in Lalezar’s kitchen, a classic Turkish Pistachio Kebab comprised of Turkish pistachio and lamb meat, Kusleme made with only the finest tenderloin marinated with onion and milk, and a slow-cooked Lamb Shank served with original Italian risotto.

Kenan Cetin, Co-Founder of Lalezar, recently commented, “Through our extensive research on the Dubai market we noticed a real need for an establishment that serves up quality Turkish cuisine with a fine dining experience alongside a touch of international fusion dishes to enrich the guests’ experience. Our aim within the next two years is to expand Lalezar with the planned opening of several branches across the city. These openings will include both Mercan, another Turkish restaurant based in Dubai Marina, and Lalezar. These two brands showcase our success in bringing an authentic Turkish experience to Dubai and the UAE, and we look forward to welcoming future customers to enjoy the unrivalled cuisine on offer at all our unique restaurants.”

The delectable food and tantalising beverages are prepared and served with the utmost care and attention to detail with the talented chefs always staying true to each dishes’ original ingredients and recipes. In other words, Lalezar wants customers to not only enjoy the freshest flavours, but also to engage in an authentic dining experience that will transport them to the streets of Istanbul or Ankara. To add to the remarkable selection of dishes on offer, all of the pastries, pasta, bread, and desserts served at Lalezar are homemade and baked at the restaurant ensuring diners always enjoy the freshest servings at the highest level of quality.

If you want to experience spectacular service, an incredible range of the finest culinary delights, and an engaging ambience, then look no further than Lalezar Turkish restaurant. Open daily from 10:00am till 1:00am, fine dining excellence awaits so book your table today by contacting 045761466.  


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