The perfect Valentine Gift by “MaximiliaN London”

The perfect Valentine Gift by “MaximiliaN London”

The history of the brand began back in 1999 when the Jewellery House of Maximilian was founded in London as an international family of artists, designers and jewellers from different parts of the world all driven by one passion – precious stones.

Jewellery House Maximilian London is a tailor made jewellery atelier specialized in colour gems stones like rubies, sapphires, and rare diamonds. Each product is unique and produced in a single copy in the world. Similarly, owning such a jewellery piece from Maximillian London is like an investment in the most compact, liquid and reliable financial instrument – precious stones.

We recommend also to you one of our signature jewellery creations. Rare and beautiful heart shaped Pendants, Ear studs which traditionally symbolizes & encompasses royalty. You can choose a Natural Turquoise  & Diamond ring, Natural Mozambique Ruby & Diamond Earings, diamond and pearl bracelet and many.

Maximillian London offers you a luxurious and timeless gift for Valentine’s Day that symbolizes love and commitment. The full collection of jewellery pieces is available at our flagship boutique in the Dubai Mall, Grand Atrium.

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