BodySmart Launches LPG® Medical’s Huber 360® Evolution in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

BodySmart Launches LPG® Medical’s Huber 360® Evolution in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

A unique medical device for functional rehabilitation and sports performance.

Riyadh, KSA, February 2023 – LPG® Medical’s Huber 360® Evolution is now available in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The groundbreaking technology behind this innovative machine aims to help people live better, healthier, and fitter.  Offering a complete and intelligent approach to rehabilitation, Huber 360®️ Evolution’s Neuro Physical Training™️ addresses both physical and cognitive areas at the same time. This device offers complete care to quickly get back to autonomy through interactive games. Its technological capabilities allow for treating over 90% of the pathologies encountered in daily physiotherapists’ practice.

With research and futurism at the heart of its activities, LPG® Medical Group is dedicated to offering patented technologies to medical and athletic professionals worldwide and has significantly improved patients’ quality of life for more than 33 years.

“We are excited to launch the revolutionary Huber 360® Evolution in Saudi Arabia in partnership with LPG Technologies to offer superior rehabilitation and training services in the medical and sports industries.  With Saudi Arabia being at the forefront of sport development; at an international level; our goal is to help people live better and perform at their optimal best, and Huber 360® Evolution offers a unique approach that is both efficient, engaging, and reliable” says Karen Dobson, Executive Head of Distribution KSA & Bahrain; General Manager BodySmart Poly Clinic UAE).

The Huber 360® Evolution breaks down the patient’s journey into four movement fundamentals: flexibility and mobility, dynamic strengthening, posture, balance, and resistance. The objective is to maintain the indicated posture and rebalance the entire body through an interactive and fun interface. A true physical and mental coach, Huber 360® Evolution also supports athletes of all levels. Thanks to protocols dedicated to each sport’s discipline, the Huber 360® Evolution actively participates in physical preparation by improving an athlete’s muscular condition and proprioception. With over 170 pre-set sessions for patient care and over 190 pre-set sessions curated for sports professionals, Huber 360® Evolution offers a simpler way to boost performance and track rehabilitation. Fully customisable to adapt to each individual patient, the machine offers high-precision treatment for quick and measurable results.

Romain Retsin, HUBER developer, Snowboard world champion, and Professional Golf Instructor says “I am very happy to launch HUBER 360®️ EVOLUTION in Saudi Arabia, a reference country for sports performance and medical solutions. The sensors, feedback, and the different possibilities in the technology will offer users unique customisable training options. With big potential, this medical device will sharpen doctors’ jugement as it will show the correlation between the patient’s pain and the results of their tests. Anyone who wishes to improve their quality of life or boost their performance will enjoy HUBER 360®️ EVOLUTION sessions.”

BodySmart Investment Group offers support on different levels, providing end-to-end training for different professionals, as well as benefit partners with inclusion in marketing and communications for a bigger media presence. To learn more BodySmart Investment Group, visit For more information about Huber 360® Evolution and LPG® Medical Premium, please visit

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About BodySmart Investment Group:

Specializing in an unparallel and bespoke aesthetic and wellness experience in the region, the BodySmart Investment Group prioritizes patients’ health and wellness.  Bringing together some of the world’s most sought-after treatments and concepts that promote beauty, health, and longevity, the BodySmart Investment Group caters to today’s discerning and demanding Middle East consumer.

About LPG® Medical:

LPG® Medical is a leading provider of medical devices for rehabilitation and wellness, with a focus on helping people live better and longer. Since its creation 33 years ago, and through extensive scientific research and state-of-the-art technology, LPG® Medical has dedicated itself to providing men and women of all ages with natural cell, tissue, joint, and muscle treatments to improve their health and well-being.

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