“Belselah” announced professional champion and “Al Mulla” wins show movements title

“Belselah” announced professional champion and “Al Mulla” wins show movements title

The curtain fell on the competitions of the fifth and final round of the UAE International Jet Ski Championship on February 12, which was held on Abu Dhabi’s breakwater, with a distinguished participation of 60 competitors in 11 racing categories, and an international presence of participants from the UAE, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Hungary, Japan, Morocco, Jordan, Palestine and Hungary.

The first place in the GP1 standing category went to the Emirati Omar Abdullah Rashid, the Japanese Yuma Kawasaki came second and the Emirati Khalifa Belselah third.

In the GP3 seated category, the podium was taken by Emiratis Khalifa Al Marzouqi in first place, Abdullah Al Hammadi in second place, and Jamal Al Janahi third.

In the standing GP2 category, Saeed Mohammed Al Awadi won the first place, the Emirati Hamad Issa Al Hammadi came second, and the Qatari Walid Al Sharshini came third.

In the GP2 seated category, the Qatari Khaled Al Mohannadi won the first place, the Emirati Amer Houair came second, and the Emirati Khaled Al Mazmi ranked third.

And through the junior competitions, the Kuwaiti Youssef Ramadan finished first in the 3.1 category, while the Emirati Saud Mohammad Al Awadi won the first place in the 3.2 category, and the Emirati Ali Issa Al Ali came first in the 3.3 category.

The competitions of the various categories continued through the Seated GP4 category, with Ahmed Al Haremi from Bahrain coming in first place, Kuwaiti Youssef Al Shraidah came second and Emirati Ahmed Al Hammadi third.

In the professional category, Huraiz Al Murr bin Huraiz came first, Saud Al Nuaimi came second, and Mohammed Mohsen third.

In the GP1 seat category, Emirati Khalifa Belselah came first, and Kasza Stefan from Hungary came in the second place, and Rashid Al Tayer came third.

The fun was present through the category of show movements, with the Emirati show champion Rashid Al Mulla winning the center, the Moroccan Yassin Fadeli came second, and the Saudi Faris Bahdaq came third.

For his part, Nasser Al Dhaheri, General Supervisor of the race, congratulated the champions, and the winners of the different 11 competitions, and those who won the first places in the various categories of the race. He additionally praised the immense competitiveness and enormous combativeness shown by all the participants in order to reach the first positions through the two stages of the race. He said: “The competition was strong and the club was present in each category, and everyone gave their best in order to reach the first positions. We noticed the enthusiasm of the competitors in every stage and also the desire to present the best performances in the last rounds of the season”.

Al Dhaheri affirmed that the second stage of the tournament was able to determine the champions across each category, as the winners were chosen at the end of the total results of the two stages.

Al Dhaheri stressed that the Jet Ski season was very successful in light of the large international participation witnessed by the championship categories and the remarkable presence of various nationalities. He said: “There are many factors that contributed to the championship having a greater presence and spread at the international level, including that the competition now bears an international persona and its results are classified within the International Marine Sports Federation, and therefore it bears great importance to the competitors by virtue of its points being calculated within the classification”. Al Dhaheri added: “The championship has been internationally recognized for many years, it is one of the important tournaments at the regional and continental level”.

Al Dhaheri affirmed that the diversity of categories is undoubtedly in the interest of the competition, it creates new generation of contestants every season, especially in the junior category, who find great interest in the three junior categories of this competition. He said: “The juniors are always the basis for every championship when it comes to Jet Ski competitions, juniors are always present through the categories that are defined for these important group of age”.

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