Supporting Earthquake Relief Efforts: Union Coop Announces Discount Initiatives 

Supporting Earthquake Relief Efforts: Union Coop Announces Discount Initiatives 

Stemming from its core values of corporate social responsibility, the Dubai-based retailer is looking to make a difference

Dubai, UAE:

Amidst unfortunate reports of earthquakes in regions of Turkey and Syria, Union Coop affirmed its solidarity by announcing a provisional discount of 25% on basic and other food & non-food products for all concerned parties who are involved in humanitarian and charitable assistance and relief work for those affected. The natural calamity has affected multiple families in both regions and this initiative by Union Coop will help benefit those affected.

Union Coop will be offering discounts on essentials such as tents, blankets, mattresses, towels, mats, detergents, food and non-food items, and other basic commodities that can be provided to the victims and their families. Additionally, Union Coop strives to meet all requests of the concerned authorities in packaging activity as a part of its contribution towards humanitarian and charitable work.

The cooperative indicated that it firmly believes in making community contributions to achieving the aspirations of the nation and the vision of its wise leadership that believes in supporting community and humanitarian initiatives that are represented by the ‘spirit of giving’. The cooperative further noted that this initiative also comes within its national responsibility stemming from Emirati heritage and traditions based on which the UAE community was established.

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