The IWS Arabia- Young Change Maker Award- Rashi Rathore

The change beings with me, comments Rashi Rathore, recipient of the IWS Arabia – Young Change Maker Award.

Highlighting the significance of World Watercolor Day, IWS Arabia initiated a series of workshops on Sustainable Art at various locations across the UAE. Families and corporates across the UAE were encouraged to actively participate through a series of workshops centered around Sustainable Art. This embodies the Spirit of UAE, bringing together thought leaders from corporates, educational institutions, NGO’s and more.

Master Trevor Waugh, patron artist of IWS Arabia and an eminent figure in the world of art, showcased watercolor scenes from across the Emirates which was highly engaging to art lovers. Waugh commented “The confluence of art lovers across the UAE – Art Sparkle is a great eyeopener and it has been a fruitful engagement to see the UAE community recognize and promote Sustainable Art through watercolors. I believe watercolors are the way to the future and it is high time that the world recognizes the value and the positive environmental impact of this medium. Glad to see IWS Arabia promote this and align with the dreams of the nation’s leaders”.

Another highlight of the event was when student expat Rashika Rathore made an impact with her decision to support the initiative through the purchase of Sustainable Artworks. Commented Ms. Rathore, “Realizing the positive environmental impact of watercolors and the sustainable materials used, I was quite impressed with the demonstration of the Master artist and urged my parents to make a purchase. Let the change begin with me!”.

Commented Mrinmay Sebastian, President of IWS Arabia, “This is a great way to commemorate the 11th anniversary of the International Watercolor society with International Masters, art lovers, and most importantly the youth. The transformation in our society has been truly commendable – with markets flooded with watercolor supplies, educational institutions promoting watercolor workshops, Sustainable artworks found in palaces, five-star hotels, and many leading Organizations as well. We are also delighted to present the ‘Young Change Maker’ award to Rashika Rathore who for us is a true example and a youth icon committed to sustainable living.  This is a true testament to an inclusive society aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Dr. Yaser Al Habrawi, IWS Secretariat added that it was important to have sustainability ingrained in our young right from the early stages of development as this would change the perspective of future generations towards sustainability as a way of living. During his address, he also invited corporates and educational institutions to unite under this important initiative and be the ambassadors of sustainable change just like Rashika Rathore.

Also commented Rafah Abdudlrazzak, Founder of Reem Gallery, “Of late we have witnessed many of our clients opting for Sustainable Art with watercolors as the artwork of choice. Watercolors are the future and glad to see our communities transforming themselves to be more socially conscious”.

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